• But in the interim, the Fund helped stave off defaults in Brazil and Uruguay.

    ECONOMIST: Wanted: firefighting figurehead | The

  • But in the interim, their presence may pressure some companies to cut corners by diluting potency and quality.


  • But in the interim, before the Knicks can win the Atlantic Division or ponder playoff scenarios, they will need to match up with more feisty teams like Indiana as the regular season continues.

    WSJ: Nice First Half—Now Keep It Going

  • But in the interim both the Department of Health, run by Bairbre de Brun, and the Department of Education under Martin McGuinness have said they will comply with the regulations and fly the flag.

    BBC: Veterans gathered at the cenotaph in Belfast

  • The truth about Hillsborough might have taken 23 years to finally seep out but in the interim, English football fans saw vast improvements to the stadia in England as a direct result of the disaster.

    CNN: The horror of Heysel: Football's forgotten tragedy?

  • Eventually the patent database becomes rich enough with prior art to reach an equilibrium, but the errors in the interim produce a batch of legacy patents that never should have issued.

    FORBES: The Problems With Software Patents (Part 1 of 3)

  • Other foreign, particularly European, companies entered the fray in the interim, but Libya kept the old American concessions on hold, not out of gallantry but in the hope that oil-industry lobbyists would eventually persuade the American government to relent.

    ECONOMIST: Libya

  • Five months later the mother and child turned up again but had stopped the treatment in this interim.

    BBC: US HIV baby 'cured' by early drug treatment

  • The Pentagon has tried to nominate James Woolsey, a former head of the CIA, as a key player in the interim government, but some at the State Department are said to be appalled at the notion of putting a former spymaster in a foreign government.

    ECONOMIST: Who will run the new Iraq? | The

  • Celtic's Morten Rasmussen should have done better with a right-foot strike from the edge of the Hibs penalty area in the last few minutes of the game, but the visitors held out and interim manager Neil Lennon maintained his 100% record in charge of the Glasgow side.

    BBC: Robbie Keane

  • The date may seem far off but Donovan noted that other solutions would emerge in the interim that would enable voice on LTE networks.

    FORBES: AT&T CTO Says Voice Over LTE Coming In 2013

  • John Thain, former chief executive of NYSE Euronext (nyse: NYX - news - people ), talked to the Citi search committee, led by board member and interim Chairman Robert Rubin, but in the end he took the top job at Merrill Lynch (nyse: MER - news - people ).

    FORBES: Citi Swaps Prince For Pandit

  • Serbia has made some progress towards EU membership, signing a Stabilization and Association Agreement with Brussels in May 2008, and with full implementation of the Interim Trade Agreement with the EU in February 2010, but a decision on candidate status has been postponed to 2012.

    FORBES: Serbia

  • But the good intentions of his overstretched interim government matter less than a power struggle in the army.

    ECONOMIST: The army exiles the country's leading politicians

  • But as the months have dragged by the Museum has had to think again, and in a statement issued today the interim director of science, Professor Phil Rainbow, reluctantly conceded defeat.

    BBC: Paraguayan expedition abandoned

  • But when Aristide was driven from the country in 2004, the interim government opened Teleco's books and allegedly found that the company had been rifled, according to a lawsuit filed in South Florida.

    WSJ: Haiti Starts Over Again

  • In the interim years, the ranking order has changed but the same top five as those in 2010 exist.

    FORBES: Business and Web 2.0 An interactive feature

  • The spacecraft is still orbiting Mars but at that time it was in an interim elliptical orbit.

    BBC: By BBC News Online Science Editor Dr David Whitehouse

  • The clinical trial, known as HPTN 052, was slated to end in 2015 but the findings are being released early as the result of a scheduled interim review of the study data by an independent data and safety monitoring board (DSMB).

    FORBES: Could AIDS Disappear If Enough Patients Get Treated?

  • Barchi said the school hopes to appoint an interim athletic director in a few days but he admitted he had no idea whether that person would come from inside or outside the university.

    WSJ: Rutgers basketball scandal brings down AD Pernetti

  • Fighting continued, he said, both in the city and other parts of Iraq, but efforts were also moving ahead on forming an interim authority to govern the country.

    CNN: Rumsfeld on looting in Iraq: 'Stuff happens'

  • Commodore Bainimarama says the army will stay in power until it has formed an interim government, but there will be no place in it for Mr Speight or members of his group.


  • Vice President Nicolas Maduro, the interim president, has made no mention in public of running for election, but he is widely expected to be the United Socialist Party of Venezuela's candidate for the job.

    CNN: Venezuelans line streets for Chavez procession

  • Interestingly, Telecom's ultimate plan is still to migrate to LTE -- but considering its rather massive footprint and subscriber count, there's method in the madness of supporting an interim ultra high-speed standard like Rev.

    ENGADGET: China Telecom mulling huge EV-DO Rev. B rollout? Mobile

  • Sabres interim coach Ron Rolston said his team turned it on in the third period, but by then it was too late.

    WSJ: Gagnon's first goal helps Jets win 4-1

  • The interim constitution does not approve any shifting of the borders, but the Kurds got concessions in most other areas, including being able to retain a militia separate from the Iraqi national army.

    ECONOMIST: Political snags, security woes | The

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