• After starting up his companies in a promethean burst of energy, he'd bring in managers and administrators.

    FORBES: Blessed Are the Hypomanic

  • My understanding is, they reached out because the film did create a sort of burst of energy.

    FORBES: Director David O. Russell Talks 'Silver Linings Playbook' & What It Means To Him

  • All of that, however, can leave you out of shape just when you need a burst of energy most.

    FORBES: Steve Jobs' Diet Secrets

  • But such a car needs a burst of energy to get going again.

    ECONOMIST: Storing electricity

  • As every schoolboy knows, if you bring a particle and an antiparticle together, they annihilate each other in a burst of energy.

    ECONOMIST: Particle physics

  • Local human-rights and social-welfare groups have had a renewed burst of energy, compiling lists of demands of the new central government led by the Congress party.

    ECONOMIST: Sectarian tension in India

  • In a surprising burst of energy, the authorities have arrested 18 alleged al-Qaeda terrorists over the last two weeks and are claiming to have penetrated the local al-Qaeda network.

    ECONOMIST: Rounding up al-Qaeda

  • But even as fascism took hold in Germany in the 1930s, physicists were devising a weapon far more powerful, one that would split the basic elements of matter apart to create a burst of energy — and a bomb — like nothing known before.

    NPR: Revisiting the Birth of the Bomb

  • Since, as every schoolboy knows, when matter and antimatter meet, they annihilate each other in a burst of energy, the equal amounts of matter and antimatter should have annihilated each other long ago and the universe should now be filled with energy and little else, which is evidently not the case.

    ECONOMIST: Cosmology and particle physics

  • As those rays interact with the upper atmosphere, the effect would be to create an immense burst of electromagnetic energy.


  • Supercapacitors have a big internal surface-area that allows a large amount of energy to be delivered rapidly and are used in some electric cars to provide a short burst of power for rapid acceleration and in hybrids to recover energy during braking.

    ECONOMIST: Carbon-composite batteries

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