• This organic approach makes budget allocation to community outreach unnecessary, because employees are within the community.

    FORBES: 6 Startup Strategies For Building A Niche Community

  • The Scottish government's Strategic Spending Review is constrained by the budget allocation from the UK Comprehensive Spending Review .

    BBC: Strategic Spending Review debate part 1

  • Participatory budgeting - a programme for mass participation in municipal budget allocation - is another major ingredient in the toolkit.

    BBC: Alternative views of the economic crisis

  • Conservation and protection of World Heritage Sites located in Pakistan are of utmost priority and despite the negligible budget allocation for its biannual regular programme, UNESCO Islamabad has succeeded in creating a general awareness regarding the universal significance of these sites through advocacy, networking and generating extra-budgetary resources.


  • Since an agency must attempt to maximize benefits within its budget lest its allocation be revoked or transferred elsewhere, it would be rational for agencies and interested parties to monitor benefits, but Congress need not and should not require it.

    FORBES: How About a Budget for Regulations?

  • These reductions, along with our ongoing efforts to implement more stringent budget and resource allocation around new games and partner projects, will improve our profitability and allow us to reinvest in great games and our Zynga network on web and mobile.

    ENGADGET: Zynga shutters Boston, UK and Japan studios, lays off 5% of full-time staff

  • States are called upon to increase their contributions to these programmes, both through promoting a larger allocation from the United Nations regular budget, and through voluntary contributions.

    UNESCO: Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action

  • Once the size of the defence budget has been determined, choices are required about its allocation between each of the three armed forces and their contribution to the UK's defence output in the form of peace, protection and security for its citizens.

    BBC: Viewpoints: Future of the British army

  • Under a pilot scheme taking place in some parts of the country, a single assessment results in a cash allocation that is given to the user or their family directly - in the form of a personalised budget.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | UK Politics | In full: George Osborne speech

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