• The event, broadcast on TV news, and its aftermath, were enough to receive comment in a Nihon Keizai Shimbun editorial on October 3.

    FORBES: Noda's 1000 Yen Haircut and the Imperative of Regulatory Reform

  • Ferraro contacted the White House after she saw Jones on a TV news broadcast, and has spoken several times to Clinton's private lawyers.

    CNN: Verbatim

  • Myanmar TV News broadcast a still picture Wednesday of Yeattaw meeting with U.S. and Myanmar officials, including two from the U.S. Embassy.

    CNN: Embassy confirms meeting with American detained in Myanmar

  • For many years the weather forecast at the end of Soviet TV's nightly news broadcast was accompanied by an instrumental version of a 1967 Eurovision hit - "Love is Blue".

    BBC: Five minutes of Eurovision fame

  • These composing and editing limitations are serious snags, because a camcorder like this one could be perfect for the many local TV news operations that currently broadcast their in-studio anchors in high definition, but never get high-def from the field.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Russian broadcast news reporter Tatiana Limanova of REN TV was fired on Thursday for allegedly flipping off President Barack Obama during a live newscast on Nov. 14.

    FORBES: Russian Journalist "Flips Off" Obama, Gets Fired

  • The state news channel Nile News TV , meanwhile, broadcast a report from Port Said, in the north, that focused on people's disappointment with the outcome of the uprising.

    BBC: Egyptian anniversary elicits mixed feelings in media

  • As local became hot - and before 24 hour cable news had arrived on the scene, my local TV experiment mushroomed into a 13 station Broadcast network - and a new company Broadcast News Networks.

    FORBES: Why Startup Timelines Requires Stamina

  • He freely admits that he is "a large holder" of stock in Friedland's Ivanhoe Energy and has recommended both Ivanhoe Mines and Ivanhoe Energy in his newsletter. (He has also shilled for Ivanhoe Energy on CBS MarketWatch's weekend network-TV broadcast.) His enthusiasm has been credited by various news wires with moving the stocks higher.

    FORBES: Helping Hands

  • "We hereby stress that our rockets are being developed and are piling up, and that the enemy will receive more rockets and God willing, our rockets will hit more targets, " he said in a news conference broadcast live on Hamas' al-Aqsa TV.

    BBC: Scale of Gaza destruction emerges

  • The last TV network news from Television Centre in west London has been broadcast on BBC One.

    BBC: TV Centre broadcasts last network news bulletins

  • By 1998, when news moved into new studios in the last part of TV Centre to be completed, bulletins were being broadcast round the clock on News 24, now the News Channel, which launched the previous year.

    BBC: TV Centre broadcasts last network news bulletins

  • Such a system would result in the loss of local news programs, broadcast personalities and advertising, which are all made possible by local TV stations.

    WSJ: Exec threatens to pull Fox signal if Aereo goes on

  • Virgin Media is suing BSkyB for damages over the spat, alleging that the satellite broadcaster abused its "dominant position in pay-TV" when it asked for more money to allow Virgin to broadcast the Sky One, Sky News and Sky Sports News stations.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He began his career in broadcast journalism in 1970 at WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee, after one year as a newspaper reporter with the Waukegan News-Sun in Waukegan, Ill.

    CNN: CNN Profiles - Jim Bittermann - Senior European Correspondent

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