• Following the success of this venture, Discover is also looking to branch out into home equity loans.

    FORBES: Quick Take

  • As you are looking to maybe branch out into a few ETFs, and you do have a longer-term timeframe, you are going to most likely want to avoid these leveraged ETFs.

    FORBES: 5 ETFs to Ride the Market's Uptrend

  • But that won't be the last you'll see of Miles' unholy meshing of tech and apparel -- the artist also plans to branch out into gloves and handbags as part of the fuller O2 Recycle Collection.

    ENGADGET: These boots were made for talkin': O2 teams up with artist for 'walkie talkie' footwear

  • While it is likely that ads will continue to be a main source of income for Facebook, the company is expected to branch out into other areas currently occupied by its competitors, such as Google and YouTube.

    FORBES: Why Facebook Needs More Cash

  • Personal computer maker Hewlett-Packard may be trying to branch out into software and services, but it still has to contend with falling PC prices, weak demand and fierce competition in the legacy business that still dominates its profits and revenues.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Tesco Personal Finance currently offers a limited range of financial products, including car and health insurance, credit cards, personal loans and online savings accounts, but there has been speculation that after current accounts they could branch out into the area of mortgages.

    FORBES: Market Scan

  • If you recall, Synaptics is looking to branch out from touchscreens and touchpads and break into a another kind of navigation device: keyboards.

    ENGADGET: Fingers-on with Synaptics' ThinTouch keyboard for Ultrabooks (video)

  • Suppose Robinson Crusoe is tired of trying to scoop up fish with his hands and figures out how to turn a tree branch into a spear, increasing his daily catch tenfold.

    FORBES: When It Comes to Wealth Creation, There Is No Pie

  • In 1971, some stumblebum thieves drilled their way into a branch of the Lloyds Bank in the Marylebone section of London and cleaned out the vault.

    NEWYORKER: The Bank Job

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