• The most vivid part of Moran's book is his account of Kemmler's execution, which was horribly botched.

    FORBES: The Warlock of Menlo Park

  • The first third of the book gives an absorbing account of the making of an economist.

    ECONOMIST: Milton Friedman

  • And with more pairs of decks sold every year and the ever-growing prominence of "named" DJs, this book is a worthy account of a massive and still evolving phenomena.

    BBC: Haslam spins the DJ phenomenon

  • Most annoying of all is the lack of a conclusion: the book ends with a garbled account of the downfall of Margaret Thatcher and the limp observation that the 1980s were by far the most interesting part of the post-war era.

    ECONOMIST: The Norman Stone story

  • The last third of this book, which should have been a fascinating account of his role as a public intellectual, instead recounts Friedman saying much the same thing to everyone, from American presidents to Chinese communists.

    ECONOMIST: Milton Friedman

  • While 91% of advisors have at least one fee-based account in their book of business, the still remaining overall high percentage of transactional business illustrates that fee-based business has a very long way to go.

    FORBES: Fitting Fee-Based Business Into Your Practice

  • His book is an impressive account of a world that few readers of this newspaper will recognise.

    ECONOMIST: Unlocking the books in a prison library

  • For readers who can successfully suppress their irritation, his book provides a useful account of the dysfunctional relationship between Pakistan and America.

    ECONOMIST: Pakistan

  • That gets its first outing in the Book of Revelation, a lurid account of the apocalypse probably best read as an allegory of the individual Christian's journey to salvation.

    ECONOMIST: Heaven on earth

  • Mrs Kamte's book provides a detailed account of how the policemen ended up in a lane near the Cama hospital, where they were killed when two of the gunmen ambushed their vehicle.

    BBC: Mumbai widow's book alleges police lapses over attacks

  • The strongest part of his book, as of Ms Hayter's, is the account of the hypocrisy, faithlessness, demagogy, moral indifference and, at times, outright cruelty shown by different British governments on this issue since the 1960s.

    ECONOMIST: Immigration: No entry | The

  • Meanwhile, Kelin has written another JFK book a fictional account of how he came to write the first one.

    NPR: 50 Years On, Finding Profit In 'Truth' On JFK Case

  • Meanwhile, another member of the team on the Bin Laden raid wrote a book, No Easy Day, giving his account of that operation.

    BBC: Bin Laden unit Seal Team Six punished over video game

  • It is also stymied by the fact that book values fail to take full account of intangible assets things you cannot kick, like brands, patents or partnerships.

    ECONOMIST: The ultimate measure by which a company is judged

  • That's when I realized I had entered the uncharted (for me) territory of second-person Meera would address the book to her son, as an account, an exculpation, of their life together.

    WSJ: Manil Suri, Author of The Death of Vishnu, on Narrators | Word Craft

  • Mr Rose, who as an historian of the book belongs to a growing sub-discipline, has written a masterly account of the way in which the British working classes (and that term must remain emphatically plural, since Mr Rose moves from the landlocked rural poor, to London's Jewish East End, to the clattering factory towns of north-western England) have taught, soothed and entertained themselves through their own intellectual resources.

    ECONOMIST: Cultural history

  • The book was widely seen as a positive account of his leadership methods.

    BBC: CIA director David Petraeus resigns over affair

  • Written in the style of Chuck Colson, the Watergate conspirator who in adversity re-found his Christian faith, the book will be closely studied for its account of what actually took place at the Ritz.

    ECONOMIST: Jonathan Aitken

  • For a comprehensive yet eminently comprehensible account of how cosmologists pieced together the history of the universe, turn to the latest book by Simon Singh, a British science writer best known for his bestselling account of the solution of Fermat's last theorem.

    ECONOMIST: The quest to explain the structure of the universe

  • The onetime oil man has been drilling for answers ever since, first with "Rescuing Da Vinci" (2006), a book of photographs, and then with "The Monuments Men" (2009), an account of a special Allied force museum directors, curators and conservators who risked their lives to keep the world's masterpieces from falling into enemy hands.

    WSJ: He Drills for Answers | Robert M. Edsel | Cultural Conversation by Joanne Kaufman

  • Read with the volume turned down a notch, the book is a valuable, if unhappy, account of the last years of her life.

    ECONOMIST: Russia

  • This longer version first appears in William Mares' 1968 book Marine Machine, a non-fiction account of a platoon's basic training, according to Jonathan Lighter's Historical Dictionary of American Slang.

    BBC: Kentucky 'kicks ass': Taking pride in plain speaking

  • The book's tour de force is its account of the 1956 uprising in Budapest: the viciousness of the reprisals on both sides, the tantalising glimpse of liberty and the predictable betrayal in Washington.

    ECONOMIST: Robert Littell's 13th novel is creeping up on America��fast

  • In recent years, however, the act of reading has undergone a rapid transformation, as devices such as the Kindle and iPad account for a growing share of book sales. (Amazon, for instance, now sells more e-books than hardcovers.) Before long, we will do most of our reading on screens lovely, luminous screens.

    WSJ: How E-Readers Change the Way We Read | Head Case by Jonah Lehrer

  • If you want to read the definitive account of what happened check out the book Coronary by Stephen Klaidman.

    FORBES: Abbott Stenting Scandal Sounds Like Tenet All Over Again

  • Pape's book appears to be a very extensive and well researched account of the phenomena of suicide terrorism, at first glance.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: It's the ideology, stupid

  • McBride, culinary program director and editorial director for Strategic Initiatives at the Culinary Institute of America, what might account for the book's popularity.

    WSJ: Recipe for a Better Book Club

  • The strategy for composing that retirement account is the subject of my new book, Safety Net: The Strategy for De-Risking Your Investments in a Time of Turbulence.

    FORBES: You're on Your Own

  • Ms Neighbour offers no grand prescriptions for dealing with terrorism, but her book is a compelling, readable and well-informed account of an Islamist terror network that has spread across South-East Asia.

    ECONOMIST: Terror in South-East Asia

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