• Over the last two decades, supercomputing allowed new skill levels in interpreting seismic data of below-ground structures.

    FORBES: A Gold Mine In Oil Exploration

  • The new facility near Tongchang is far more advanced, with a 100-foot-tall launch tower and a below-ground tunnel to direct rocket exhaust.

    WSJ: U.S. Warns North Korea Over Rocket Launch

  • The options for shelters are many: above-ground, below-ground, mounted in the garage, on the patio, on a poured slab or even in a space carved out beneath the slab.

    CNN: A tornado's heading your way: Now what?

  • We have allowed a steady decline in investment in the science-based Stockpile Stewardship Program that promised to assure the safety, effectiveness and reliability of our nuclear weapons in the absence of below-ground tests.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Peace through weakness?

  • There's lots of storage space for sports equipment, and 150-square-foot wine rooms below both ground floors.

    WSJ: The Twin Houses of an Odd Couple

  • The technique they developed, called hydraulic fracking, involves drilling 5, 000-9, 000 feet below ground (in the Marcellus shale), and then moving horizontally into the layers of shale rock where the hydrocarbons lie.

    FORBES: Shale Leases: Promised Land

  • The little Mirra 530 fastidiously cleans in-ground pools, on and below the surface.

    FORBES: iRobot Cleans Your World -- Floors, Gutters, and Pool. What's Next?

  • It is expected to reveal the less salubrious parts of Roman London outside of the City walls with archaeologists anticipating to encounter Roman timber-framed buildings and a street surface 6m below ground level.

    BBC: Crossrail dig unearths forgotten London

  • The graveyard dogs soon returned, digging under a vinyl fence built four-feet high with three feet of wire mesh below ground.

    WSJ: In Utah, a Town Digs Deep to Battle Prairie Dogs

  • Angeli and Steelman describe a 20-story section of 1 World Trade Center -- the north tower -- now embedded into the ground to the subway lines below.

    CNN: workers

  • Cremation or burial, open casket, closed casket or no casket, private services or public services, low-cost approach or more costly approach, above ground or below ground or indoor or outdoor final resting place were just a few of the important decisions.

    FORBES: Are You Ready For Both Death And Taxes?

  • Patrons go below ground to play cards, sleep, exercise and work on laptops--all the while inhaling air that can have 1, 700 picocuries of radon per liter (about 1, 300 times as much as air in the average home).

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Serb forces pounded the city every day from higher ground positions, trapping Sarajevo's ill-prepared residents in the valley below.

    CNN: Court suspends Ratko Mladic war crimes trial

  • While there are separate entrances, the two generations share a kitchen and dining room, one floor below ground, with red leather chairs around a simple table topped with an antique, three-piece candelabra set.

    WSJ: Western Splendor in Hong Kong

  • But the Air Force then calculated that a payload of thirty-two smart bombs, each weighing two thousand pounds, would be required to penetrate thirty feet below ground, insuring that any bunkers would collapse.

    NEWYORKER: Getting Bin Laden

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