• The Founding Fathers were not social conservatives who believed that citizens should be subordinate to any particular narrow religious moral order.

    FORBES: The War on Drugs is a Failure so Give Drug Policy Back to the States

  • For their part, township governments, which are responsible for several villages, believe that whoever is in charge should be subordinate to them.

    ECONOMIST: And it turned sour

  • In fact, cyber czar candidates have been turning down the position long before Obama announced that the role would be subordinate to the National Economic Council.

    FORBES: Security

  • " He deflected another sensitive question by saying: "We do have freedom of the press, but such freedom should be subordinate to and serve the interests of the nation.

    CNN: Jiang On a Roll

  • In combative mood, Mr Orban has sparred with Andras Simor, the central-bank governor, and declared to the IMF and the European Union, which have lent money to Hungary, that he will not be subordinate to them.

    ECONOMIST: Hungary's new government

  • Accordingly, the scientist or physician who owes duties of loyalty to either his academic peers or patient population cannot be allowed to subordinate their interests to either his financial well-being or that of the commercial enterprises with which he has some sort of business arrangement.

    FORBES: Causing More Harm than Good: Conflict-of-Interest Rules Thwart Medical Progress

  • The Republican alternative just picks an existing consumer office from one banking regulator and drops it into another bank regulator that would be totally subordinate to bank regulators.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • It will be interesting to see whether they will be pressured to subordinate all samples and electronics.

    WSJ: Tricky Business: Style Built on Samples | By Jim Fusilli

  • Mr. Obama gets to put her in a subordinate position while appearing to be magnanimous, and her seat in the U.S. Senate will likely be filled by a more malleable Democrat who won't be plotting from day one to get to the White House.

    WSJ: Keep Gates

  • These initiatives share a disturbing trait: they appear to subordinate longstanding national interests to the desire to be seen as competitive with the myriad public relations gambits advanced by Mikhail Gorbachev.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center for Security Policy | Banning Chemical Weapons: Negotiating Unilateral US Disarmament

  • Indeed, as far back as 2004, Mr. Obama was letting it be known that he had to subordinate public expression of his anti-Israel sentiments in order to advance politically.


  • The belief that women are biologically destined to be domestic and subordinate is just a construct, created by psychologists and social scientists, and used as an ex-post-facto justification for inequality.

    NEWYORKER: Books as Bombs

  • Nunavik, which has 11, 000 residents, would still legally be part of Quebec and would remain subordinate to the provincial legislature in Quebec City.

    BBC: The overwhelming majority of Nunavik residents are Inuit

  • The way that amendment was drafted suggested that the United States would subordinate whatever our judgment might be going forward to the United Nations Security Council.

    CNN: Transcript of Thursday's Democratic presidential debate

  • Such leaders can be expected to exercise much more international centric decision making and feel much less need to subordinate the long-term interests of the U.S. over those of other countries offering better short-term benefits.

    FORBES: Not Your Father's MBA

  • This had to be startling news to the president, because if the truth about his relationship with a subordinate employee were known, the civil rights case against him would be strengthened and it might have totally changed the outcome.


  • Kashmir's police force, long subordinate to soldiers and paramilitaries, must be trained and motivated anew.

    CNN: ASIANOW - TIME Asia | Subcontinental Drift: Strategic Redeployment

  • The sentences should be complex, with the use of subordinate clauses and writing adapted to "suit audience and purpose".

    BBC: What do Sats test levels mean?

  • Inevitably, it will be an accommodation that relegates other countries in the region to positions subordinate to it.

    FORBES: The U.S.-Japan Alliance is on the Wrong Side of History

  • In late August, Health Secretary Felipe Estrella quit after complaining that he was being routinely bypassed by his subordinate, Health Undersecretary Susan Pineda Mercado, who happens to be married to defense secretary Mercado, an old Erap buddy.


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