• They must be manufactured in specialized, CCD-only plants.

    FORBES: Technology briefing

  • Reductions in hospital spending could be behind some of the slowdown in specialized nursing-facility costs, said Greg Crist, a spokesman for the American Health Care Association, a nursing-home industry group.

    WSJ: Medicare Trustees Dial Back Funding Concerns

  • Read UpToDate, and you might assume that the drug would be utilized only in highly specialized situations, and would consequently achieve marginal sales at best, essentially as a niche product.

    FORBES: Why Is Medicine's Killer App an E-textbook?

  • The chip, called a Memory Spot, is at least two years away from widespread consumer use, but it could be deployed more quickly in specialized fields such as pharmaceuticals, said Howard Taub , vice president and associate director of Hewlett-Packard Laboratories.

    FORBES: Dot's A Lot

  • In the near future, our country will be facing a shortfall of professionals who have specialized skills in dealing with the integration of people, processes and technology.

    FORBES: 01.23.08, 6:00 PM ET

  • At the urging of her doctors, Ms. Jimenez agreed in May to be hospitalized at the Texas Center for Infectious Disease, a specialized facility in San Antonio.

    WSJ: TB's Global Resurgence Amplifies U.S. Risk

  • Most new defense jobs at home turned out to be in data collection and intelligence, which required college degrees and specialized knowledge, or in the low-paying realm of airport and building security.

    NEWYORKER: Coming Apart

  • Patent cases should be heard by specialized courts (as happens in other areas of law), rather than non-expert juries in advantageous jurisdictions in Texas.

    FORBES: Specialist Patent Courts Are Part Of The Problem

  • If true, the case should be lodged in federal district court, not the specialized Court of Claims.

    FORBES: An Old Case Haunts The FDIC's Bank-Closers

  • The process requires specialized, heavy equipment that was expected to be in place Sunday, officials said.

    WSJ: Probe into Conn. train crash giving way to cleanup

  • It may be possible these dinosaurs evolved to eat specialized plants found only in certain regions, explaining why they lived in relatively tight confines.

    MSN: Dinosaur boom linked to rise of Rocky Mountains

  • These are chips that act like specialized chips in terms of performance, but can be reprogrammed on the fly to do an entirely different task.

    FORBES: Technology briefing

  • So far the antiresearch crowd has forced the company to close a small operation that distributed primates in the U.K. Remarkably, antivivisectionists have not pursued Foster in the U.S. A bigger challenge to preclinical research may be to beat out such competitors as Covance, which originally specialized in human clinical trials, and MDS, a provider of contract drug discovery services.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Companies fully invested in social like Dell show how specialized programs can be.

    FORBES: How to Cure Social Media Paralysis

  • However, government actions, such as immigration restrictions, can lead to an undersupply of specialized labor and leave employers with choices that may not be in the best interests of consumers.

    FORBES: Doctor, Doctor, Why Won't America Let In More Doctors?

  • Rothberg's answer is that, like in radiology, there will be armies of trained physicians using specialized machines, as gene scanning hits the medical mainstream.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • First, the paradigm of advice is shifting where your advisor used to be a gatekeeper to specialized products and services, to one where the best products in the world are available to any investor, no matter the amount of their portfolio.

    FORBES: Should You Invest Like Yale University?

  • In this instance, any information Tsarnaev provides the specialized team that will be interrogating him will remain admissible at trial, even though he has not received his Miranda warnings.

    FORBES: Senator Lindsey Graham Says Suspend the Constitution For Boston Marathon Suspect And Designate Him An Enemy Combatant

  • Some readers will be willing to make that trade-off, especially if Irex is able to add specialized stores in the future that offer, say, a large selection of non-English-language books.

    WSJ: A Review of the Irex E-reader

  • This may be a neurologist, a psychiatrist or, in certain instances, an internist or geriatric physician with specialized training.

    CNN: Better understanding of dementia leading to more effective therapies

  • And I've talked to a lawyer who specialized in this just a moment ago and he said, rest assured, there will be challenges.

    NPR: With Interrogation Rules Set, U.S. Moves Ahead

  • Another, less-recognized success in an age when information would supposedly be free is Reed Elsevier, the home to specialized legal, medical, scientific and news coverage.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Green, who recently upped his hiring target from 37, 000 to 47, 000, with major plans to build out staff in India, says talent may be considered a global commodity but it is also mostly highly specialized.

    FORBES: Careers

  • To be effective deterrents in the future, our nuclear weapons must have greatly increased accuracy, reduced yields, specialized capabilities (such as deep earth penetration) and tailored effects (such as ability to neutralize chemical-biological agents)....In a dangerous world, with many states and organizations committed to acquiring and using nuclear weapons, it would be unwise for the United States not to make our nuclear deterrent force more effective.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Hobson's choices (cont.)

  • Another, somewhat unprecedented, sanctions option would be a Council-issued travel ban on North Korea placed on all scientists, engineers and others with specialized expertise in centrifuge technologies and uranium enrichment.

    CNN: What comes after North Korea's nuclear test?

  • Medicaid planning to the extent that it can be done at all is a very specialized area of planning that is best left to those long experienced in the area.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • Clinical results from any specialized cancer center are typically very difficult to reproduce in broader multicenter trials, in part because there may be differences, whether measured or unmeasured, between those presenting at renowned centers of excellence and those who remain close to home.

    FORBES: Is IBM's Watson in Jeopardy? This Oncologist Thinks So!

  • This movement will also show its face in the arrival of an increasingly utopian society, which toys with the same paradoxical lens by offering opportunities to be isolated in reveries of never before seen levels of personalization and customization, while also producing a new crop of specialized cults that renew our sense of belief and satisfy our need to belong (SoulCycle, Blueprint Cleanse, Girls).

    FORBES: How Communication's 'Creative Destruction' Will Drive Business Growth

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