• We have every right to be frustrated with the way they are playing politics with our future.

    CNN: Our stupid self-inflicted debt crisis

  • Mr Peston passionately articulates why everyone should be frustrated with the banking sector and financial globalisation more generally.

    ECONOMIST: The financial crisis

  • Mr. Romney said the numbers illustrate the challenges for middle-class families, and suggested those families should be frustrated with Mr. Obama.

    WSJ: Economy Adds 163,000 Jobs but Unemployment Rate Ticks Up

  • There have been times where -- by the way, Michelle doesn't agree with everything I do. (Laughter.) You may be frustrated sometimes with the pace of change.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • The freshmen, in turn, would be so frustrated with his leadership that one firebrand among them, Bob Carr of Michigan, took to the floor in June of 1975 to call on the Speaker to resign.

    CNN: By Ronald D. Elving, CQ Staff Writer

  • And you should not be surprised then that Americans get so frustrated with the gridlock and the playing of politics here in Washington.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • As a member of the Orlando Magic, Howard grew increasingly frustrated with what he perceived to be an average supporting cast in a league that requires teams to have multiple stars to succeed, despite an NBA Finals appearance in 2009.

    FORBES: Connect

  • For a generation that's supposed to have forgotten how to be polite, this kid--who was so frustrated with school that he attacked his teacher--was proof that young Japan is still pretty decent.


  • Even though many investors are frustrated with executive pay packages, firing CEOs can be an expensive option.

    FORBES: Paying for Failure: The Costs of Firing America's Top CEOs

  • The injury cost the 26-year-old his place in the Republic of Ireland squad for the friendly with Nottingham Forest and he is frustrated to be on the sidelines.

    BBC: Lawrence doubtful for Spurs clash

  • Either way, I could imagine it taking off in a big way if they actually build it, though Web owners would surely be frustrated by a screen that could be pulled down over their sites with content over which they would have no control.

    FORBES: Names You Need To Know: Rhizome

  • Our youngest struggles with quite a few games and is frustrated by having to be helped though different elements even on the simpler Kinect titles.

    FORBES: Connect

  • In terms of characteristics to look for, finding people who are comfortable operating with a high degree of uncertainty, and who will not be frustrated by changes, even at the last minute, is essential.

    FORBES: Five IT Lessons from the London 2012 Olympics

  • Diffrient was a frustrated industrial designer with pioneering achievements, including the first chair whose height could be adjusted via a gas piston and spring, and a fold-up office table that replaced screws and plates with simple interlocking hinges.

    FORBES: The Chair Men

  • "I hope to be able to get to Rome next year, " Mr. Graves said, with a frustrated gesture toward his wheelchair.

    WSJ: Michael Graves, Drinking Wine With Lettie Teague

  • The view among the global financial elite is that if the LSE is frustrated in its attempt to merge with TMX, predator will become prey: the LSE itself will be gobbled up by some or other overseas rival.

    BBC: Is Canada hurt by saying no to foreign bids.......

  • The title character, bored and frustrated with his work, toys with the facts of his charges' lives before learning that he may be next.

    NPR: Digging Up the Past, in More Ways Than One

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