• Besides the Weeping Angels, fans have even more to look forward to, as well as to be frightened of.

    FORBES: Doctor Who's Karen Gillan Explains Why the Weeping Angels Are So %^&#$ Scary

  • However, Mr Jeffrey said politicians must not be "frightened" of large, long-term projects.

    BBC: Edinburgh tram boss Jeffrey calls for political courage

  • You would be frightened because it is out of the order of nature.

    NPR: An Author's Companion in Rage, Exile and Return

  • Terrorism expert Mike Yardley said a lot of people would be frightened by the website announcement.

    BBC: The threat

  • But the victims of both kinds of stalker may be as frightened as those threatened physically.

    ECONOMIST: The internet allows the malicious to menace their victims

  • While nearly all the youngsters at the screening I attended enjoyed this movie, two tiny tykes became very frightened by the bad toys and had to be taken out of the theater.

    CNN: 'Toy Story:' A high-tech treat

  • Helicopters and rescue vehicles gave chase while millions held their breath because they thought a 6-year-old boy might be sailing through the skies, cold, frightened and just a gust of wind from falling.

    NPR: A Boy, A Balloon And A Lot Of Hot Air

  • Nonsense, say the pigeon-owners, who point out that a hawk or falcon attacking a flock of 50 pigeons may get only one of them, but that the rest will be so frightened that they lose their bearings.

    ECONOMIST: Feathered enemies

  • Even frightened toddlers who prefer the arms of their parents may still be persuaded to hug the au pair.

    ECONOMIST: Have markets got what they wanted at last?

  • His sharpness and arrogance fell away, and he was revealed as a man shaken to his core by cancer--someone who has learned what it's like to be vulnerable and frightened, someone who now regrets his oft-displayed lack of sympathy for the vulnerable and frightened in the poorest precincts of his city.

    CNN: Rudy's soulful exit

  • And its Slav majority is frightened that the country's delicate ethnic balance could be upset by the arrival of too many Kosovars.

    ECONOMIST: The Macedonian exit route

  • They needed to be reminded on the day where the world celebrates the birth of a child whom Rome and Herod try to assign to the role of 'surplus population, ' that the frightened men who rule the world in the name of scarcity should not be followed, but saved.

    FORBES: Malthus And Scrooge

  • What kind of a signal is this proposal to Americans who are only saving at a rate of 2.5%, rather than 6.5%, who have seen defined pension plans phased out, and who are frightened about how they are going to be able to afford the last 20 years of their life?

    FORBES: Obama Goes Against the Grain of What America Represents

  • Ms. LAURA REIFF (Co-Chair, Essential Worker Immigration Coalition): Well, we have had reports from our trade associations memberships coming back into our information databanks that some employees are frightened and not showing up to work because of the rumors that there might be raids.

    NPR: Rumors of Immigrant Round-Up Abound

  • But when patterns of conformity are imposed by the state, then one has a right to be frightened.

    NEWYORKER: The Clockwork Condition

  • Most of the scenes of negotiating and intimidation are teleconferenced to someone else—often someone meant to be frightened by what he sees.

    NEWYORKER: Savages

  • The Fed needs to be able to add to bank reserves without scaring the bejeezus out of people who have been frightened by the QE2 bogey man.

    FORBES: QE2 Was A Really Big Ocean Liner

  • One hopeful sign: Thursday night's showcase at the Belmont in the Warehouse district featured a dream lineup including Alt-J, Atlas Genius, Frightened Rabbit, Guards and the Joy Formidable—the kind of groups that might be associated with indie rock.

    WSJ: The New Promise of South by Southwest | By Jim Fusilli

  • As a result of his ordeal, Melendres was left "frightened to walk on the street or be seen in public in Maricopa County because he fears that the sheriff's officers will come and arrest him again because he is Latino and does not speak English, " the lawsuit states.


  • The trouble is that Venezuela's need for foreign investment is also real—and foreign industrialists, portfolio investors and bankers may be frightened off if Mr Chavez does not move quickly to show sceptics that he really does support the concept of private property.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela

  • Frightened by the car, he drove to the center of Damascus, to a square he knew to be home to government buildings and the president's palace.

    CNN: Cartoons that scare Syria's leader

  • It has taken a while for the management to recognise that England's approach to one-day cricket is more tentative and shackled than most of their opponents, and while it is always possible to over-attack, it would be preferable to see them fail while trying to lift their game than to watch the batsmen prodding about and apparently frightened of failure.

    BBC: Jonathan Agnew column

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