• Mr Hirst is as famous for being rich and famous as he is for his art, which may be part of his appeal.

    ECONOMIST: Damien Hirst

  • Not everyone chooses to be so thrifty, such as the most famous medical student of this week, Phillip Markoff a.k.a.

    FORBES: What happened to living life as a starving grad student?

  • But if the Pritzker family is to be given a notch in history it will be for its pioneering hotels rather than as a famous owner of money.

    ECONOMIST: Jay Pritzker

  • Would that Novartis paid as much attention to Alcon's disgruntled minorities as Kraft appears to be to its most famous shareholder.

    ECONOMIST: Novartis's bid for Alcon

  • God help the person who had the same name as a famous person because all that information would be ascribed to him and presumed to be valid.

    NPR: High Court Hears Detainee-Rights Case

  • She can be stormy and there have been angry clashes, such as the famous one in the early 1990s with the late Sir Kenneth MacMillan, one of the Royal Ballet's legendary figures.

    ECONOMIST: Modern dance

  • This year's symposium, opening on May 25th, will be the 30th, which makes St Gallen as venerable as that more famous Swiss jamboree, the annual World Economic Forum at Davos.

    ECONOMIST: Study leave

  • Even then all can be lost due to the shifting legal terrain underlying fossil collection, as in the famous case of "Sue, " the rock star of T. rex skeletons.

    FORBES: Fossil Hunting

  • As my colleague Mike Ozanian pointed out, former NBC sports head Dick Ebersol was famous for bidding up the price of the games so as not to be outbid by the likes of Fox.

    FORBES: Let the (Olympic Bidding) Games Begin

  • The most famous images, such as Olympics and World's Fair subjects, can be terrifically expensive.

    FORBES: Moos' Masterpiece

  • It must be reimagined, repackaged and redefined as a success, then blessed as such by a famous billionaire.

    FORBES: Here's The Radical Overhaul Apple Needs to Jump Start Stock Price

  • As for being a freelance hack—well, a lucky few may be famous enough to pick and choose the best assignments and file at leisure, but most freelancers live a lonely life of constantly rejected story pitches in which brutalised copy counts as a triumph.

    ECONOMIST: A journalistic problem solved?

  • The hole—already famous as one of the great risk-reward holes in golf—will now be part of Masters lore for much different reasons.

    FORBES: Adam Scott Wins A Wild and Wacky Masters Tournament

  • His choice, since he is not famous for caring much for the welfare of his people, could well be to continue things as they are.


  • His old titles, he reasoned, would be worth more money if he reacquired them, made some fixes and resold them someday as a famous author.

    FORBES: Suspense Ratios

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