• It would cut class sizes, provide more teachers and scrap students' tuition fees by putting a penny on the basic rate of income tax.

    BBC: Lib Dem devolution vision for Wales

  • He may have cut 1p off the basic rate of Income Tax, but overall Labour have increased taxes by the equivalent of 8p in the Pound.

    BBC: Stealth taxes and no delivery

  • The Lib Dems, who want to lower the basic rate of income tax, said the plans would only result in a marginal saving for people on average incomes.

    BBC: Cameron makes savings tax pledge

  • It had already committed itself to cutting 4 pence off the basic rate of income tax to be paid for by taxing the rich and clamping down on avoidance scams.

    BBC: Challenge for Clegg despite tax victory

  • Mr Campbell, a former mayor of Vancouver, wants to stimulate the economy by cutting the province's basic rate of income tax to the lowest in Canada, easing regulation of business, and relaxing employment law.

    ECONOMIST: The province��s New Democrats head for extinction

  • The Lib Dems have also ditched any policies that might put off potential supporters, such as raising the basic rate of income tax, and they have stopped banging on about things that do not stir the popular imagination, such as proportional representation.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • There are probably two budgets left before the next general election: two one-penny cuts in the basic rate of income tax would allow Mr Brown to go into the election promising a rate of 20p in the pound if Labour is re-elected and dare the Tories to reverse it.

    ECONOMIST: Go forth and multiply | The

  • The conference also urged the executive to support the Liberal Democrat policy to add a penny onto the basic rate of income tax, provide teaching facilities in Gaelic and other minority languages where there is demand, and ensure that class sizes are reduced across the whole age range of pupils.

    BBC: Conference hears exams call

  • And with Nationalist expectations that they would win far more seats than they did having been dashed, Mr Salmond is already having to deal with internal criticism of the campaign he ran, especially the decision to promise to raise the basic rate of income tax by 1p in the pound.

    ECONOMIST: From now on, Britain will have to get used to coalitions

  • The report points out that the vast majority (85%) of tax revenues already come from people in the top half of the distribution, but if the government wants to raise more from them, raising the basic rate of income tax for the first time in 40 years would be a decent place to start.

    BBC: Fiscal choices from IFS

  • Look, say the pundits, at the net effect of his new lower income-tax band (starting next month), the cut in the basic rate of income tax from 23% to 22%, the changes to national insurance, the abolition of the married couples' tax allowance and the mortgage-interest allowance (all starting a year from now), the new child tax credit (from 2001), etc.

    ECONOMIST: Toil and muddle

  • Mr Salmond's big test will come in 2010, when he hopes to abolish council tax completely and replace it with a local income tax levied at a flat rate of 3p in each pound of basic-rate national income tax due.

    ECONOMIST: Scottish budget

  • The manifesto confirms its ambitions on tax: for a lower 10p starting rate of income tax, for a cut from 8% to 5% in value-added tax on fuel, and for no increase in the 23p basic rate nor the 40p higher rate of income tax.

    ECONOMIST: Clue: not John Major

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