• Reformers have advocated making bounty-hunters subject to the same constitutional restrictions as the police, or even eliminating the commercial bail-bond industry altogether, as three states, including Illinois, have already done.

    ECONOMIST: Bounty-hunters

  • C. and his friends never approached the Taj but hung out instead at the south end of the Strip, where there were cheap motels, fast-food restaurants, pawnshops, bail-bond shops, and storefront churches, with sprawling parking lots, not parking garages, so they could cruise the lots and side streets after dark and break into parked vehicles if no one was watching.


  • Imbrogno ordered him held without bond until a bail hearing scheduled for next Tuesday.

    NPR: FBI: Arrest Made In Wash. State Ricin Letter Scare

  • Washington and Wall Street have bristled at the thought of a bail-out for the bond insurers, though they have also been wary of leaving the municipal bond market exposed to the capital-constrained bond insurers, who face losing their triple-A credit ratings--those who haven't lost them already, that is.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The industry is waiting to see whether banks will pull together and bail out some of the biggest bond insurers, which have been reeling because of their exposure to credit derivatives that have swiftly declined in value, potentially triggering insurance payments that would overwhelm their capital bases.

    FORBES: Washington To Bond Insurers: Don't Expect A Bailout

  • He wants these bond-buying programs to bail out every foundering captain on the sea.

    WSJ: O Captain! My Captain!

  • So when he offered to bail out the U.S. bond insurance industry on Tuesday, it seemed a good bet that he was proposing a better deal for Berkshire Hathaway than for the troubled firms that might need his help.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But investors probably need to be aware of the potential that it is a bond bubble, and be prepared to bail out early when rates and yields begin rising, or if the stock market bottoms and begins a new leg up.

    FORBES: Bonds Look Mighty Bubbly

  • This requires more support for bond markets by the European Central Bank or by an expanded bail-out fund.

    ECONOMIST: The euro crisis returns

  • Bond yields for Europe's periphery remain worryingly high despite the bail-outs of Greece and Ireland.

    ECONOMIST: China��s buying spree raises hope, and fear in Europe

  • As Spain's ten-year bond yields crept over 6% this week, talk of a bail-out for the euro zone's fourth economy is getting louder.

    ECONOMIST: Spain and the euro

  • Meanwhile, in South Korea, which has a solid credit rating, renewed efforts to bail out the chaebol, family-controlled conglomerates, should help to keep government-bond yields higher than they might be.

    ECONOMIST: Asian bonds

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