• Examples of assembly language software you may be familiar with are IBM PC DOS and the spreadsheet program Lotus 1-2-3.

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  • An assembly language is a low level language and it is tedious to write applications in it compared to high-level languages.

    FORBES: Firefox OS Turning Up Heat On Apple And Google

  • Fortran was one of the first widely adopted "high level" computer languages--before those, computers had to be programmed directly in assembly language, a complicated and laborious process.

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  • When I was in graduate school, I was taught that if high performance was required in a software application, it had to be written in an assembly language.

    FORBES: Firefox OS Turning Up Heat On Apple And Google

  • The advent of modern optimizing compilers and many fold enhancements in computing hardware performance have now eliminated the need to use an assembly language in most applications and most applications are now written in higher level languages.

    FORBES: Firefox OS Turning Up Heat On Apple And Google

  • The chips are programmed in the C language as opposed to assembly language, giving them a cost advantage because C developers are far easier to come by, as well as giving the handset makers and mobile operators greater ability to actually define what functions they want on the chips.

    ENGADGET: Sandbridge Technologies develops programmable cellphone chip

  • That much make sense: Given how much of a data center is virtualized, and the management of that becoming something of an overarching operating system, servers may start to look something like what assembly language does now in a single computer: something critical, but not something people look at a lot, and not a place to stake your fortune.

    FORBES: Dell's Data Center Dreams

  • Many mainstream politicians reckon the Sami already have more than they deserve: their assembly, language rights, and subsidies for cultural endeavours and reindeer-herding.

    ECONOMIST: The Sami people are unhappy

  • Later this afternoon, Assembly members will vote on a routine financial resolution which will enable the Assembly's Language Bill to continue its progress.

    BBC: Mugshots and making headlines

  • Heritage Minister Alun Ffred Jones AM described it as "a historic day for the Welsh language" as the assembly government passed its first piece of legislation on the Welsh language.

    BBC: Welsh Assembly

  • Joe Bruno, a prostate cancer survivor, said he supported the idea, but balked at language in the Assembly's version.

    WSJ: Medical-Pot Debate Rises in Albany

  • Mr Bradley said that if there was not to be an Irish Language Act brought through the Assembly then legislation could be enacted at Westminster.

    BBC: Irish language strategy continued

  • Culture Minister Nelson McCausland also briefed the assembly on the latest NSMC meetings dealing with language and inland waterways.

    BBC: North South Ministerial meetings

  • This, Ms Huws argues in that letter that is because of the difficulties the Welsh Assembly Government would have monitoring its own Welsh language schemes.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Wales | Language body's warning on status

  • They were the centrepiece of the Welsh Language Measure which was designed to strengthen the language when it was passed by the Welsh assembly in 2011.

    BBC: Wales politics

  • It says broadcasters should be accountable to the Welsh assembly for their work in devolved areas such as the Welsh language, education and the economy.

    BBC: Andrew RT Davies

  • The quango, which is to be subsumed by the assembly, has said it wants its work promoting the Welsh language to continue after it is abolished in 2007.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Wales | Language demo branded 'bullying'

  • In an interview with BBC Wales, Mr Pugh said the assembly government wanted "to build a consensus on the Welsh language...which is why we've decided to do this in a one-stage process rather than two".

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Wales | Delay to abolish language board

  • It's unlikely the language of dance will ever make it into the Assembly chamber but on Sunday Politics Wales you'll find out just how keen some Assembly Members are to, well, liven things up a bit.

    BBC: Churning up the chamber but how?

  • The assembly will not even be able to make laws on the Welsh language, a matter of little interest to anybody else in Britain.

    ECONOMIST: Launching devolution

  • Depending on how broadly the order was drafted the assembly could then have power to make laws affecting large areas of language policy without ever having to go back to Parliament.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Wales | Power struggle over the assembly

  • The Welsh Assembly acquired the powers to make laws to promote and support the Welsh language from the UK parliament in February 2010.

    BBC: Welsh language measure statement

  • "'This is an historic failure that shows the extent to which the protection for the Irish language has deteriorated since the re-establishment of the NI Assembly, " she added.

    BBC: Executive 'fails' on language

  • Labour Peer Lord Ivor Richard, Chair of a Cross Party Commission that reviewed Assembly powers in 2004 also warns that the mechanism, known in Parliamentary language as "Henry VIII powers" will "raise a few eyebrows" in the upper house.

    BBC: NEWS | Programmes | Politics Show | Wales: Assembly powers

  • The event, led by the Welsh Language Society, Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, took place outside Welsh Assembly Government buildings in Cathays Park.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Wales | Firms fear language policy costs

  • Following her arrest, she was suspended from Plaid's assembly group and stood down as the party's spokeswoman on heritage, Welsh language and sport.

    BBC: Bethan Jenkins

  • The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America ( AMJA) cautioned American Muslims in a 22-page Arabic-language paper in 2008 against working in law enforcement in countries which do not rule by Allah's dictates.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • In July 2004, first minister Rhodri Morgan announced that most Welsh quangos will be abolished within two years and in November of that year said the Welsh Language Board would be added to that list and its duties and staff transferred to the control of the assembly government by 2007.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Wales | Language demo branded 'bullying'

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