• China could also play a role as a big buyer of oil, to stock up supply for future use as prices decline.

    FORBES: Oil Prices Seen Lower As US Recession Odds Increase

  • Lydney station will be retained for future use as a number of logistical issues have meant the building will not be sold.

    BBC: Gloucestershire police to sell four more stations

  • Within the framework of the Project: "Heritage Recovery and Cultural Development in Havana: Segundo Cabo Palace", the building placed in Old Havana is currently being restored for its future use as a Cuba-Europe cultural exchange centre, thanks to the cooperation of the European Union, UNESCO and the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana (OHCH).


  • Also, with shipping company UPS as an investor, Kabbage could in the future even use shipping data as another metric for companies to show their business success.

    FORBES: Kabbage Brings Working Capital To EBay, Amazon And Yahoo Merchants

  • This view fits nicely to the Kondratieff long waves I use as a model for future scenarios.

    FORBES: Goodbye Global Economy, Hello Local Ecosystems

  • Even so, he pointed out that some nanoparticles potentially serving as the basis for savvy devices of the future are already in use, including magnetic iron oxide particles used for advanced body imaging.

    MSN: Scientists look to sperm to power nanobots

  • Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future is very easy to use as it has been designed with attention to the needs of people who may have only basic computer skills.

    UNESCO: Introducing the TLSF Dissemination & Training Toolbox

  • Yet companies rarely use analytics to plan for the future, as good as they may be at using its data to look backward to identify trends.


  • The document consists of two parts: an assessment of the take-up and use of the Internet and priorities for future action, as requested at the Nice, France, summit of EU leaders last December.

    CNN: 40 percent of Europeans have Internet access

  • And I don't think it makes any sense to punish a company that has lost money in its -- for its tax purposes, as Citi has, by discounting the use of those future losses.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • If it were necessary in the future to alter our unilateral policy so as to maximize the disincentive for anyone to use chemical weapons against us or our allies, we could do that instead.


  • While once Syria used Hezbollah in Lebanon as a proxy against Israel, Hezbollah is now deterred from acting on Lebanese soil for fear of Israeli retribution and is preparing to use the instability in Syria as its future staging ground.

    NPR: Israel Fears End To 40-Year Peace On Syrian Front

  • "We believe that in the future Chinese consumers will use eBay as a passport to global Fashion styles, especially for leading women's brands and accessories, and menswear, " she added.

    BBC: eBay targets growth in China with a new partnership

  • We use the information that you provide for such purposes as responding to your requests, customizing future browsing for you, improving our site, and communicating with you.

    FORBES: Amazon Says That Litigious, 'Aging' Actress Should Have Read IMDb's Privacy Policy

  • Since development programs are keyed to future threats that may not materialize as currently anticipated, their use as bill-payers for more pressing needs can be readily justified in a period of diminished danger.

    FORBES: How Politics Will Shape The Defense Downturn

  • Usage of all "non-linear" formats, such as Internet, DVDs, and video on demand, in addition to DVRs, accounts currently for one-third of mass-market TV viewing, but as much as 57% for "early adopters, " those future-defining viewers who have a greater propensity to use leading-edge products and services.

    ENGADGET: Research affirms that DVR owners do indeed blaze by commercials

  • Were the United States unwisely to become party to this misbegotten treaty, it is a safe bet that the Chinese will also try to employ LOST as a precedent for no-less-cynical efforts in the future to advance its determination to make military use of space, while constraining this country's ability to do so.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The threat we're ignoring now

  • "In the near future, this type of simple laser communication might serve as a backup for the radio communication that satellites use, " Smith said in a statement.


  • Some take approaches which can best be described as akin to a human immune system, applying different remedies to an error and logging what is effective for future use, alerting the owner for intervention only when all other options have been exhausted.

    FORBES: Autonomics Will Change The Future Of Office Work (Ask Siri)

  • The company will initially use DNA chips from biotech firm Illumina for the service, but it says it will use a variety of other technologies in the future as they become available.

    FORBES: Personal Genome Race Goes Into Overdrive

  • The company will initially use DNA chips from biotech firm Illumina (nasdaq: ILMN - news - people ) for the service, but it says it will use a variety of other technologies in the future as they become available.

    FORBES: Personal Genome Race Goes Into Overdrive

  • It???s usually best to use the incident of a specific leak as a jumping-off point for discussions on how to prevent future recurrences, rather than trying to affix blame for the leak that???s already occurred.

    FORBES: Intelligent Investing Briefing Book

  • But I suspect that this government and future ones will use global warming and the specious link to man-made CO2 emissions as an excuse for stopping road building and to increase taxes on all kinds of fuel.

    BBC: News Online

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