• It opened with a lavish production number featuring Lady Gaga, androgynous dancers and Elton John.

    NPR: Beyonce, Swift Big Winners At Lavish Grammys

  • The admirers held that his androgynous complexity allowed him to tap into a masculine rationality and simultaneously a feminine creativity.

    FORBES: The Shaky Foundation Of Keynesian Economics

  • Suspension of disbelief does overtime on Cesario, whereas a more androgynous casting would have freed us to wonder more about Orsino.

    ECONOMIST: Shakespeare's “Twelfth Night”

  • This November, Bravo aired an episode of Project Runway All Stars in which the challenge was to create an androgynous avant-garde design.

    FORBES: H&M's Attempt To Mass Market Avant-Garde Is A Let Down

  • Most angels are safely sexless: though they are beautiful, they are beyond desire, and their lovely faces and androgynous bodies have no improper suggestions to make.

    ECONOMIST: Angels

  • "Calculator" retains the album's best elements — Levi's androgynous voice, twee electronics and production — but it's a little less noisy than the work that surrounds it.

    NPR: Micachu And The Shapes: Kitchen Sink Music

  • There are more furies screaming, Hesperides feeding serpents, a phoenix, a centaur, Adam and Eve, Hercules, two androgynous figures slaying a dragon, Mars carrying off Venus attended by Cupid.

    ECONOMIST: Master of the furies

  • That year the company brought in bleached wood and etched glass for its counters, a new blue for its packaging and more androgynous models who glowed with energy and health.

    ECONOMIST: Estée Lauder

  • Blame Rooney Mara (or the androgynous computer-hacker character she plays in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), but the spring couture shows in Paris this week definitely had a punk-rock attitude.

    FORBES: Trend-Spotting: Punk-Rock Couture

  • Many other factors impact the spreading of the illness among young men, but new fashion tendencies toward a more androgynous style gets mentioned in most of the articles, and by various experts consulted.

    FORBES: What Do Lady Gaga and Manorexia Have in Common?

  • He did not confine himself to androgynous clothing, though: he also favoured diaphanous blouses worn without underwear, a fashion that has supposedly returned this year, though most busts still seem to be encased in polystyrene.

    ECONOMIST: Yves Saint Laurent, couturier, died on June 1st, aged 71

  • The social-cultural adaptations that females are under more pressure to adapt to than males, are a key issue in why females may be missed in a diagnosis, however the androgyny and anorexia association may also contribute as factors to behavioral impairments associated with ASD, because of social-cultural pressures to adapt to gender roles that androgynous individuals may not be comfortable with.

    FORBES: Is Being Female Protective Against Autism?

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