• General Electric's recent announcement is part of a massive shift in the corporate community, which increasingly believes it's not only important to address the issue of climate change because it protects the planet or because it protects their reputation and prevents risk, but because it can make them profits.

    NPR: Companies See Profits in Going Green

  • Exposing illegal activity or lies is one thing, but targeting and hurting a group just because you disagree with their politics or policies is just juvenile.

    FORBES: Hacker Group Raids Fox.com, Targets FBI

  • Sensitive Compartmented Information is information that not only is classified for national security reasons as Top Secret, Secret, or Confidential, but also is subject to special access and handling requirements because it involves or derives from particularly sensitive intelligence sources and methods.


  • Anybody would condemn this attack, not because it's coming from America or because it's against Muslims and a Muslim country -- but because it was done outside the framework of international law and because America didn't present a convincing proof against those it accuses of terrorism.

    CNN: World reaction at a glance

  • It is not because cyberspace it is distant or foreign, but because it is all around us and we are part of it.

    ECONOMIST: European politics

  • Blue and yellow tones work effectively but not red or green because of canine colour-blindness.

    BBC: New TV channel for dogs sets tails wagging in Israel

  • Not better generals and or a higher moral ground, but because of better infrastructure, including a more developed rail system and the use of the nascent telegraph to communicate with commanders in the field.

    FORBES: Jobs of the Future: Why the Political Class Should Read Michael Saylor's "The Mobile Wave"

  • It was the first time since the original Nintendo Entertainment System came out in 1985 that videogaming felt like a party experience--not just because it was new, and worth gawking at, but because the experience is so much more physical, like Charades or Twister, and spectators can enjoy as much as the players.

    FORBES: Nintendo's Wii Is A Revolution

  • Between 15 and 20 vaccines, as many as are currently in clinical trials, were tested between 1987 and 2000 but were dropped because they were either unsafe or ineffective.

    FORBES: HIV Vaccines: The Shotgun Approach

  • And that is not racistic or denying history but it is simple because all coloured people in Netherlands traveled here by own will.

    FORBES: The Unbearable Whiteness of Piet-ing: Dutch Santa's Blackface Elves

  • The dogs were clinically dead, with no heartbeat, respiratory functions, or brain activity, but their tissues and organs were perfectly preserved because the procedure lowers the body temperature to about 50 degrees F.

    FORBES: The Prospects of Short Term Cryonics

  • But a lot of them come back and reengage because they read something or run into someone they know who uses it, and it clicks.


  • This is not because the Russian state is a particularly effective or efficient one but because power structures, even authoritarian and brutal ones, have a great deal of internal logic and do not easily collapse absent the sudden application of an external force.

    FORBES: The Guardian's Visceral Dislike of Vladimir Putin and Strange Perspective on Russia

  • They told them how the gods behaved, not out of idle curiosity or because these tales were entertaining, but to enable men and women to imitate these powerful beings and experience divinity themselves.

    NPR: Karen Armstrong: Myths and the Modern World

  • There were a few problem wines a couple with two much oak and one that proved a challenge not because it was lacking acidity or fruit but because it smelled like a bed of roses.

    WSJ: Italian Wines, the World's Best With Food | On Wine by Lettie Teague

  • And - but Earl Green could never sell his paintings because to an art dealer or a gallery owner, they just looked like psychedelic art from the '60s and they really didn't have much else going for them.

    NPR: Singer and Songwriter Neil Young

  • Petersen and his staff know they are successful not because they play on a blue field or that they find overlooked talent, but rather because each and every individual within their organization believes in the same concept of greatness.

    FORBES: Boise State Football And The Blueprint For Organizational Greatness

  • The very idea that the president of the United States should face removal from office not because he told Monica Lewinsky to lie or anything of the sort, but because he was silent and Ms. Lewinsky, quote, "knew what that meant, " unquote, is I suggest more than troubling.

    CNN: Transcript: White House Counsel Ruff's opening statement

  • During the first half of this year, Korean businesses, including the chaebol, have recorded the most profitable period in all of their history-not because of radical change towards rationalization and streamlining of their business management or any breakthrough in their technology development, but because of successful government policies.

    CNN: ASIANOW - TIME Asia | Inteview: 'I Agonize Over Suffering North Koreans'

  • USSR, and continues to respect Russia, not because of economic strength or market potential, but because of military might, especially the nuclear kind.

    ECONOMIST: Breaking Windows

  • But because failing to report income or disclose foreign accounts is serious and penalties can be severe even criminal consider your risks and options and get some advice.

    FORBES: It's Not Too Late To Disclose Foreign Accounts

  • Can everybody please give Lisa a big round of applause for that great introduction? (Applause.) Not only does she deserve a great introduction -- or applause because of the introduction, but also having three kids and one more coming -- (laughter) -- that deserves some applause. (Applause.) To all the moms out there. (Applause.) That is some work.

    WHITEHOUSE: Remarks by the President in Golden, CO

  • And in one sense it was true, but not just because of the scale it achieved or the technical genius it displayed.

    FORBES: YouTube Symphony's Encore: Technical Genius, Human Reverence

  • During the cold war, African governments, acting as proxy for one side or the other, often backed rebel movements but they rarely crossed borders and never because of an internal issue.

    ECONOMIST: Congo erupts, again

  • In financial services and health care there is a strong move toward providing tablets to staff who deal with customers or patients, but they want Microsoft devices because of concerns about regulation and security.

    FORBES: Windows 8 Enterprise Adoption Will Be Segmented By Users - Avanade

  • And, of course, the people who go to the theaters buy tickets, and that's interesting, but of limited interest because the people who go next week or the third week are the people who may be an influence whether the movie is good or bad.

    NPR: Slate's Hollywood Economics: Bogus Box Office Numbers

  • But because authorities don't discuss the methods or tools they use and don't notify users when it is interfering with their Web access, the filtering mechanisms can look like technical glitches, such as an error message in a user's browser that makes it seem like his connection to the Internet malfunctioned.

    WSJ: U.S. Steps Up Web Freedom Efforts

  • But the Skhul and Qafzeh people are generally thought to have died out or retreated south, perhaps because of climatic fluctuations.

    BBC: Humans 'left Africa much earlier'

  • But while these could exacerbate the symptoms - because they might rub the bunion and cause pain or blistering - they do not cause it.

    BBC: Bunions - family not footwear to blame

  • As the Journal noted this week, the Japanese auto makers now face a run for their money in America because other manufacturers offer comparable or better quality and features for a similar, but not necessarily lower, price.

    WSJ: Business Asia: Unearned Praise for Abenomics

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