• At its worst, this produces the alcoholic beverage equivalent of elevator music, the Soft Sounds of Lager.

    FORBES: Czech Mate

  • Companhia de Bebidas das Americas (nyse: ABV ), commonly known as AmBev, is a Brazilian-based alcoholic beverage producer.

    FORBES: Brazilian Alcohol Producer Thirsty For More Profits

  • There were no alcoholic beverage manufacturing plants in Uganda at the time, and Uganda was largely dependent on beer imports.

    FORBES: Sudhir Ruparelia, Uganda's Multi-talented Property Baron

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev , the alcoholic beverage conglomerate, with its worldwide scale and distribution and strong positions in key markets like Brazil and China.

    FORBES: Cheap Oil And 2 Other Investing Themes To Profit From In 2013

  • In the alcoholic beverage category, we favor its competitor Constellation Brands (STZ), the proprietor of Robert Mondavi wines, Svedka vodka, and Black Velvet Canadian whiskey.

    FORBES: Is Diageo Icing Bros All the Way To The Bank?

  • "Including fat and carbohydrates on a label could imply that an alcoholic beverage is positively healthful, especially when the drink's alcohol content isn't prominently labeled, " Jacobson said.

    NPR: Are Nutritional Labels Coming On Alcoholic Drinks

  • According to the authors, consuming a can of a caffeinated alcoholic beverage may be equivalent to drinking a bottle of wine and a few cups of coffee.

    FORBES: New Study Says Teens And Energy Drinks Are A Bad Combo

  • So in the spirit of this unique observance of the Battle of Puebla, we produced a screen related to stocks in the Alcoholic Beverage segment of Consumer Goods sector.

    FORBES: Coming Up Cold On Beer Stocks

  • In contrast to automakers, look at how the beer industry responded to activist groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which began targeting the alcoholic beverage companies about three decades ago.

    FORBES: How Everybody Can Win the War Against Big Food

  • In fact, this memo from the California Alcoholic Beverage Commission appears to suggest Groupon, as an Internet provider soliciting sales that include (or can include) alcohol, needs to hold a license in that state.

    FORBES: Groupon Faces Widespread Alcohol Sale Problems, Attorney Says

  • Oklahoma's Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission, which regulates bars, said in July that even though gambling is totally prohibited in Oklahoma, Murdock's business was perfectly legit--as long as no prizes, not even a trophy or a T shirt, were awarded to winners.

    FORBES: Busted

  • Essentially, the Department has determined that an alcoholic beverage falling within the statutory definition of a beer that is then mixed with flavors or other nonbeverage ingredients remains a beer so long as the volume of these added ingredients is sufficiently low.

    FORBES: California Judge Thinks Mike's Lemonade Is Beer ? Go Figure !

  • Brick Lane is popular among students for its many inexpensive Indian restaurants like Muhib and Tayyabs, which serve heaped bowls of curry, and a popular option for a night out is to start with dinner in the area -- where many of the restaurants allow diners to bring their own alcoholic beverage -- then move on to the numerous nightlife locales nearby.

    BBC: Best student cities: London

  • Easily an overachiever in the beverage world, Four Loko packs the alcoholic equivalent of 4 beers and the caffeine content of 3 cups of coffee in a single distastefully colorful 23.5oz can.

    FORBES: Loco 4 Four Loko

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