• The story, set in Lisbon, concerns Eloi (Henrique Canto e Castro), a paunchy middle-aged man, who finds Samuel (Dinis Neto Jorge), a young sad sack, about to kill himself by plunging into the sea.

    NEWYORKER: The Last Dive

  • In addition to returning shows United States of Tara, Nurse Jackie, Weeds and Dexter, Showtime is readying The Borgias (a period drama starring Jeremy Irons), Episodes (A BBC co-produced comedy with Matt LeBlanc playing himself) and another middle-aged actress vehicle, The Big C (a cancer comedy starring Laura Linney).

    FORBES: Showtime Takes On Cancer, Comedy and Leno

  • Sir Michael (aged 76) is a leader with enduring roots in the Sepik area of PNG.

    ECONOMIST: To the victor go the spoils

  • But he was disabused of this in 2008 when (aged 17) he sought a part-time job at the local football club.

    BBC: Ian Huntley

  • "Recent data shows that the majority of viewers (aged 18-44) use a second screen, either a tablet or smartphone, while watching TV, " he says.

    BBC: Digital product placement creates adverts out of thin air

  • An initial glance of the three papers would seem to tip the balance in favour of healthy middle-aged people popping a daily low dose (75mg) of aspirin.

    BBC: Should I take aspirin?

  • Millennials (those aged 18-29) were a larger share of the turnout than in 2008, but 176, 000 fewer in number.

    WSJ: Rove: The Lessons of Defeat for the GOP

  • In calm and workaday Lisbon, Pilar (Teresa Madruga), a lonely, low-key, middle-aged social activist, gently pursued by a gentleman artist, finds her elderly neighbor, Aurora (Laura Soveral), a capricious faded beauty, in decline and struggling under the loving care of a home attendant.


  • In addition to the Survivor Benefit that is available as early as age 60, there is also a Survivor Benefit available for a (potentially) much younger surviving spouse if that survivor is caring for a child aged 16 or younger.

    FORBES: The Social Security Survivor Benefit - Part 1

  • Potentiation of brain acetylcholine neurons by Kami-Untan-To (KUT) in aged mice: implications for a possible antidementia drug.

    FORBES: Chinese Medicine Infiltrates Scientific Publishing

  • Stanley Phillips (John Cusack) is a middle-aged store manager with spectacles and a touch of flab.

    NEWYORKER: Grace Is Gone

  • Lestingois (Charles Granval), a middle-aged bookseller a civic-minded liberal intellectual rescues Boudu and brings him into his home.

    NEWYORKER: Boudu Saved from Drowning

  • The only really interesting characters are a middle-aged couple, David (Bruce Davison) and Sean (Mark Lamos).

    NEWYORKER: Longtime Companion

  • One in ten Britons (and a fifth of all people aged 25 to 34) now lives with a partner outside wedlock.

    ECONOMIST: Marriage: In health | The

  • Consider households headed by people aged 60 to 62, nearing retirement, with a 401(k)-type account at their jobs.

    WSJ: Boomers Find 401(k) Plans Come Up Short

  • My last food adventure was in the Czech Republic, trying some cheese that had been aged in a jar for three months with onions and (I think) chilli peppers.

    FORBES: The Beer-Drinker's Cocktail

  • Kolko dug into Census data to see how common it has been over the years for single young women (aged 25-34) with no children to own a single-family detached home.

    FORBES: Barbie Selling 'Pinktastic' Malibu Dream House For $25 Million

  • If you are a twin (identical or non-identical) aged over 15 who would like to volunteer to join the 10, 000 twins on the register of the Twin Research Unit at St Thomas' Hospital, call 020 7188 5555.

    BBC: NEWS | Health | Genes to blame for restless sleep

  • The four runners up in this category included a game called Neutron Craft by Bradley Pollard, aged 18, , a web server called Pancake by Yussuf Khalil (15), a file synchroniser built by Hannes Westermann, also 17, called BerryBox and a music player called RasPod from 17-year-old Aneesh Dogra.

    BBC: Time-lapse code wins Raspberry Pi contest

  • Stanley, who is aged over 10, has a wingspan of more than 6ft (1.82m).

    BBC: Eagle search called off by Warwick Castle

  • In 2009, American Indian or Alaska Native children aged 2 to 4 had a higher prevalence of obesity (20.7%) than any other racial or ethnic group.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Kelly (aged 14) comes from Brazil, lives in Suriname and hitches a ride by canoe across the Maroni River each morning to school in Maripasoula, French Guiana.


  • The story, narrated by the aged Ptolemy (Anthony Hopkins) and unfolding in flashback, takes us from a princely boyhood in Macedonia, under the raging rule of Val Kilmer, to the rout of Darius at Gaugamela in 331 B.

    NEWYORKER: Alexander

  • When it comes to getting at the truth, subjects like green and corporate social responsibility (CSR) rank right up there with asking a middle-aged man why he bought the sports car.

    FORBES: Three Truths about Ethosnomics

  • Since 2001, the UNESCO Venice Office collaborates with Gruppo Alcuni in supporting Ciak Junior - The Cinema made by Children, a creative approach aimed at promoting the future generations (school aged youth) of film actors, screenwriters and directors.


  • While the regal splendour of the pavilion (a classic of Victorian architecture) still dominates one end, the space-aged media centre hovers above the other.

    BBC: Lord's celebrates Test ton

  • The consultation will be attended by two representatives (one boy and one girl) aged 20-25 from each country that is currently a member of the World Heritage Committee.


  • As a result, it is estimated that 30% of Roma adults (aged 45 years and above) are illiterate and have never attended school.

    UNESCO: Parent Empowerment for Family Literacy Project (PEFaL)

  • In contrast, there has been a decrease of 69, 000 (11%) in the number of children aged between five and 14 over the past decade.

    BBC: Census shows 'highest' Scottish population ever

  • So did the young, and more usefully: a disproportionate number of Iranians are aged between 15 and 25 (the vote is given at 15).

    ECONOMIST: Islam and the ballot box | The

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