• He cites the success of previous campaigns against drunk driving as a precedent.

    ECONOMIST: David Cameron

  • Oddly, the pro-reform coalition includes Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the South Carolina Baptist Convention, the Palmetto Family Council and the Christian Coalition.

    ECONOMIST: Your health! (in small doses only)

  • A.R. claims to have turned down lucrative tour-sponsorship offers from liquor companies, but also nixed the idea of having a Mothers Against Drunk Driving booth at shows.

    WSJ: Taming the Fans of O.A.R., Phish, the Grateful Dead and Dave Matthews Band

  • But over the next 24 years, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other groups pushed states to adopt the 0.08 BAC standard, the last state falling in line in 2004.


  • In contrast to automakers, look at how the beer industry responded to activist groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which began targeting the alcoholic beverage companies about three decades ago.

    FORBES: How Everybody Can Win the War Against Big Food

  • It was only by building broad coalitions of such highly influential constituents that MADD, during my tenure, was able to initiate a sweeping change in public attitudes and laws against drunk driving.

    CNN: Look to MADD in changing our gun culture

  • Working with physicians, politicians, advocacy groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and even Hollywood celebrities, the Harvard center engaged in "social marketing" that sold people on the idea of a sober driver.

    CNN: Ethicist: Health bans and 'sin taxes' can easily backfire

  • Nearly two decades later, a mother who lost her child to a drunken driver launched the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving and led the country to enduring cultural and legislative transformation to stop drunken driving and to institute stricter alcohol policies.

    CNN: Gun control: It's on all of us

  • Her personal integrity has made her all the more willing to appoint special prosecutors (when she was a lawyer in Miami, she called in a special prosecutor to investigate drunk-driving charges against her own mother).

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

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