• They learned to turn down the pressure on the ventilator, to administer drugs to open blood vessels and to wait to perform surgery, something most hospitals rush.

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  • These systems administer drugs via devices including smart infusion pumps.

    FORBES: Patient Investors Will Find The Right Prescription In Hospira

  • Reed's medical editors saw that hospitals' largest legal liability was the result of nurses giving the wrong drugs to patients, so they created Virtual Clinical Excursions, an interactive CD dubbed "Nursetendo" in which nurses administer drugs virtually to a kidney patient who eventually goes into shock and dies.

    FORBES: Double Dutch No Longer

  • They said the recording was taken by Murray, implying that the doctor should have known better than to administer more drugs to Jackson.

    FORBES: Persuasive PowerPoint in Michael Jackson Trial

  • Newer versions like Lovenox and Fragmin can be injected under the skin more easily and are safe enough that some patients self-administer the drugs at home.

    FORBES: America's Riskiest Drugs: Heparin

  • Since both the IL-13 and Transmid molecules are too big to get into the brain via the bloodstream, doctors administer the drugs using two to four catheters inserted into the brain.

    FORBES: Taking on a Monster

  • Remote monitoring systems allow emergency medical technicians to administer powerful cardiac drugs in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

    FORBES: The Man Who WouldSave Health Care

  • Oncology is one of only a handful of disciplines whose practitioners buy drugs and administer them in their offices.

    FORBES: Amgen's Enemies

  • Someday a new style of individualized medicine will let doctors analyze the DNA in a patient's tumor, then administer customized cocktails of drugs designed to attack that tumor's particular genetic defects.

    FORBES: Conquering Cancer

  • "When you understand the patient's genetic profile, you could figure out all the right drugs and timing and administer them directly, " says Langer, who as a cofounder stands to profit if the device makes it to market.

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  • For these drugs to have even a chance of working, I need to administer them at the same time each day.

    FORBES: The Baby Chase: An Adventure In Infertility

  • In a recent survey, 96% of respondents said they used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to control the joint pain and inflammation in horses, and 82% administer them without always consulting their veterinarian.

    FORBES: Over Public Outcry, Governor Signs Horse Slaughter Bill

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