• From 3:30 pm to 6 pm, the Prenestina Philharmonic orchestra will play some of the most famous pieces by Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Strauss and Gounod to accompany a variety of performances, including by world-champion ice skaters Alessandro Spigai and Anna Remondini (on roller-skates), stilt-walkers and traditional dancers.

    BBC: See the new pope this Easter in Rome

  • Suraj Sharma, a 17-year-old from Delhi, was pestered by his brother to accompany him to a try-out.

    BBC: The challenge of bringing Pi to life

  • Beautiful images by photojournalist Mike Rutherford accompany the collection of 100 comfort-food recipes.

    CNN: America's food is as diverse as its culture

  • This is touched on in the Businessweek piece, where dads spoke of being snubbed by moms when they accompany their children to the playground.

    FORBES: Why Are We So Worried About The Idea Of Stay-At-Home Dads?

  • On auspicious days, villagers throng here to pray, while vendors sell vermillion powder, sweets, beads and bangles and folk musicians strike up their instruments to accompany bhajans (hymns) sung soulfully by wandering mendicants.

    BBC: Orchha, a living medieval town

  • "The issue of illegal actions has been a controversial one in cricket for decades and is often is clouded by the emotional responses that accompany the reporting of a player, " said ICC general manager Dave Richardson.

    BBC: Muttiah Muralitharan

  • Apple may try to change this mentality by hyping the limited quantities that accompany most iDevice launches.

    FORBES: iPhone 5 Sets Chinese Record, Sells Two Million Units

  • And inspired by a gift from a friend, he'd started writing music to accompany the 1929 wordless graphic novel "God's Man, " told through a series of wood engravings by American artist Lynd Ward.

    NPR: Jim James Takes Search For Connection To SXSW

  • By contrast, his line drawings that accompany some of his early works are astonishingly simple, almost delicate.

    FORBES: Picture This

  • Encouragingly, Mr Obama and his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, have agreed that a modest cut will accompany new weapons-counting rules to be fixed by the end of the year, with more ambitious reductions to follow.

    ECONOMIST: Getting to zero

  • Does anyone imagine that these manufacturing delays were occurring back when these companies were making big bucks on the product, achieved by the huge mark-ups that accompany receipt of the patent protection that bars others from competing?

    FORBES: Proof Of The Failure Of Free Markets In Medicine

  • Officials said the technology, which has been used to help vulnerable and older people in the capital since 2006, would free up time for teachers by eliminating the need for staff to accompany pupils from homes to school.

    BBC: Satellite device guides pupils to Edinburgh schools

  • Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, which have already returned their government money, although they appear to be motivated in part by a desire to evade the regulations that accompany government cash.

    NEWYORKER: The Contrarian

  • The abuse, brutality, and violence that accompany the Occupation would be minimized if police services were provided by private firms in a competitive market rather than by minimally-responsive and minimally-accountable government monopolies.

    FORBES: Pepper Spray Before Profits at UC Davis? Privatize the Police

  • Instead of being bound by the shackles of discontent and animosity that normally accompany the collective bargaining process, the sport can finally turn its attention to matters of importance regarding the on field product.

    FORBES: Innovative Ideas On The Horizon For MLB

  • What struck me as a little odd, though, is the semi-shocked and incredulous tone that pervades the article, the sort of tone that would accompany, say, a story about a clutch playoff performance by Tony Romo, a world series victory by the Baltimore Orioles, or Marc Zuckerberg and his innate likability and social grace.

    FORBES: Russia's Foreign Policy is Not Ideologically Motivated (Seriously, it's not)

  • But there are bouts of anger and frustration that accompany her optimism, as well as a cloudy haze brought on by a steady cocktail of painkillers.

    CNN: Boston bombings destroy dancer's foot, but not her spirit

  • After five minutes, the brew is ready to be sipped accompanied by expressions of bliss of a sort that in the West accompany bottles of over-priced wine.

    ECONOMIST: The fake cuppa

  • Young adult author Kate Milford is self-publishing a novella to accompany the September release of her second novel, "The Broken Lands, " by Clarion Books, Ms. McNally said.

    WSJ: Brooklyn Library Gets On-Demand Printing

  • Germany which pays far more into the EU's budget than it gets out was supported by Britain, Sweden and the Netherlands in its insistence that commitment to CAP reform should accompany enlargement.

    ECONOMIST: Sowing trouble | The

  • The judge had to personally enlist the assistance of a group of schoolboys, members of a local mountain climbing club, to accompany him to a deeply wooded valley and descend into a ravine infested with black snakes and populated by lion, leopard, baboons and elephants.

    FORBES: Murders and Pensions: The Need for Forensic Investigations (March 28, 2006 )

  • The traditional notion that corporeal resurrection and restoration would accompany the Day of Judgment seemed increasingly implausible to many Americans who had seen the maiming and disfigurement inflicted by this war.

    NPR: 'Republic of Suffering' Author Drew Gilpin Faust

  • Anyone under 16 has to be accompanied by an adult and people aged 18 and over need need to prove they are old enough to accompany a youngster.

    BBC: Jersey Live music festival police say drunkenness down

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