• If a single code is used multiple times or multiple codes are used in the wrong order, all transactions on a card can be blocked.

    FORBES: Connect

  • He conceded that the making of a whole-life order for Roberts was "wrong in principle" but he said in making such a concession, "we are not seeking to minimise the seriousness of the offences".

    BBC: Whole life prison term challenged by five criminals

  • Rather than continuing down the start-finish straight, he drove a short distance in the wrong direction in order to get into the pits.

    BBC: Alonso edges Hamilton in practice

  • When a retailing system is operating at peak efficiency, a delivery truck arriving late or carrying the wrong goods immediately triggers messages to a decision maker who can quickly order more.

    FORBES: Leaner Shelves, Leaner Profits?

  • But the standby router picked the wrong configuration file, which caused a drop in order flow, something the business users saw immediately with ITRS. Banks want to catch that sort of thing right away because their customers are monitoring execution and will divert their trades quickly if they see a problem.

    FORBES: ITRS Monitors Technology And Business For Global Finance Firms

  • And to have innocent little 12-year-old girls be forced to have a government injection through an executive order is just flat out wrong.

    FORBES: Michele Bachmann: the ugly

  • The aim is to map how genes and the proteins they produce interact within cells in order to gain a better understanding of what goes wrong in the body to cause disease.

    WSJ: Genes May Link Disparate Diseases

  • The Court of Appeal has upheld his challenge to the order, ruling that it was wrong to condemn him to a life on benefits.

    BBC: Liverpool

  • But nothing beats driving away with your bag from a fast-food pickup window and discovering when you get home that your order is wrong.

    FORBES: Rude Employees and Order Errors: Worst Fast-Food Chains for Drive-Through Service

  • The first part of what has gone wrong here is that in order to stop these few militias from mining these metals a system has been proposed, then legislated into law, which insists that everyone in the world must track, and be able to prove that they have tracked, where their supplies of these minor metals come from.

    FORBES: How Enough Project and Global Witness Make Life Harder In Congo

  • "I hope that you reconsider your order to kill or capture my son based on the wrong assumption that he is a member of al Qaeda, " the father wrote.

    CNN: Al-Awlaki's father asks Obama to end manhunt

  • Firstly, because the judge in Bangladesh was prepared to go public and emphasise the "civil wrong" which had been done against her client, and secondly, because a British High Court order served under the new Forced Marriage Act was mentioned at the Dhaka hearing.

    BBC: The fight against forced marriage

  • In order to prove the sceptics wrong, and to highlight the fact that sport can be used as a tool to instigate social change on multiple levels, changes that will last forever.

    FORBES: How London Showed The World What Sport Can Achieve

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