• Last year Consumer Reports, a trade magazine, rated its filter coffee more highly than that offered by Starbucks.

    ECONOMIST: Starbucks v McDonald's

  • Michael Moretti, the editor of Medical Laser Insight, a trade magazine, expects to see 100 LED technologies out next year.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • According to Allan Mottus, the editor of the Informationist, a trade magazine, they contribute as much as a fifth of department stores' profits.

    ECONOMIST: Selling make-up

  • Orders for sailing yachts over 98 feet leaped to 34 this year from 8 in 1998, according to the Yacht Report, a trade magazine.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The decision to launch a smart watch under the Tissot brand is particularly revealing, says Pierre Maillard, a veteran observer of the Swiss watch industry and editor of Europa Star, a trade magazine.


  • Tony Collins, executive editor of Computer Weekly, a trade magazine which has specialised in charting government computer-procurement failures, says that Whitehall's inbred culture has proved resistant to learning the lessons of past mistakes.

    ECONOMIST: Government

  • The number of alliances in the airline industry soared by 38% to 500 in the year to spring 1998, according to Airline Business, a trade magazine—partly because there are usually national barriers to foreign ownership.

    ECONOMIST: Mergers and alliances

  • And they're not the only ones scoring big bucks to grab laughs on the road: Six of the 100 top-grossing tours at midyear belonged to comedians, according to Pollstar, a trade magazine that tracks the concert industry.

    FORBES: The Top-Earning Comedians

  • According to Screen Digest, a British trade magazine, a major film release in the United States is typically shown on 1, 300 screens, compared with 450 in Germany and even fewer in other rich countries (see chart 2).

    ECONOMIST: A world view | The

  • " Campaign, a British trade magazine, once wrote, "Never confuse this extraordinary man with a normal, well-adjusted person.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • MCV, a UK trade magazine, has also reported that the 2013 Xbox 720 release window has been confirmed, stating that the console will not contain a disc drive.

    FORBES: Will 'Halo 4' Be An Xbox 720 Launch Title?

  • An unhappy Jobs called Microsoft Chief Steve Ballmer after the software company, and Apple rival, snapped up Bungie Studios in June of 2000, Ed Fries, former vice president of game publishing at Microsoft said in an interview with Develop, a videogame trade magazine .

    FORBES: Steve Jobs 'Needed Placating' After Halo Swiped From The Mac

  • My first such job was at a design and architecture trade magazine where I received a first-hand education and appreciation of how good, innovative design can actually make the world a better place.

    FORBES: Seeing 'Doubles' In Barbados

  • The publisher was created in 1992 when Britain's Reed, a trade book and magazine publisher, merged with the Netherlands' Elsevier, a science publisher.

    FORBES: Double Dutch No Longer

  • He was born in Medellin, Colombia to a Czech mother and a Brazilian father, according to a 2010 article in Latin Trade Magazine.

    FORBES: Arcos Dorados IPO Creates First McDonald's Billionaire

  • The irreverent British lads' mags burst into a complacent, upmarket, London-oriented magazine trade and offered something different.

    ECONOMIST: Men’s magazines

  • The fingers in question belonged to the trade magazine TV Week, which reported in a July 15 article that the show's brass had declared the production a "summer camp" rather than a place of work and took advantage of New Mexico's since-changed child labor laws, which were lenient when it came to television and theatrical productions.

    FORBES: A Buzzworthy CBS

  • Nickell is publishing his findings in a two-part article in Manuscript magazine, the main trade organ for the historical document-collecting crowd.

    FORBES: Santagate (Or, Not A Plagiarist Was Stirring)

  • Last on the trade magazine's list of star credentials is the ability to open a film to a significant weekend box office on the strength of his or her name alone.

    FORBES: The Myth Of Stars

  • Typically the distribution studio will take about 80% of a DVD's gross, but the clout of writer, director and producer Mel Gibson allowed him to cut a special deal with Fox, according to Scott Hetrick, editor in chief of trade magazine DVD Exclusive.

    FORBES: Passion DVD To Hit The Jackpot

  • According to trade magazine Collision Repair Industry Insight, the fraction of cars totaled by insurance companies after a crash grew from 8% in 1992 to 16% in 2003.

    FORBES: The Disposable Car

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