• The possibility of fear is approaching, the way wind approaches a provincial capital.

    NEWYORKER: Labyrinth

  • Before, it had been warm and slightly dumb, the smile of a young lady from a provincial capital, but it had become a mean, hurtful smile, and it was easy to read the resentment, rage, and envy behind it.

    NEWYORKER: Clara

  • The only original thought, supported by some in and out of the mohajir movement, would be to take the politics out of business by creating a new provincial capital for Sindh, and to turn Karachi into a free port.

    ECONOMIST: Pakistan—wounded at birth | The

  • Although his party won more votes than any other in December's municipal elections, it failed to win a single provincial capital.

    ECONOMIST: Turmoil in Bolivia

  • In the past few months, a number of guerrilla groups, such as the Anbar Revolutionaries based in Ramadi, a Sunni provincial capital to the west of Baghdad, have become more outspoken against extreme radical groups professing loyalty to al-Qaeda and may be willing to negotiate local ceasefires.


  • All of the victims were rushed to a hospital in the provincial capital, Medan, about 23 kilometers (14 miles) south of Belawan.

    NPR: Buddhist, Muslims From Myanmar Clash In Indonesia

  • Last month, with power supplies cut to six hours a day, kindergartens closing and water supplies disrupted, the provincial capital, Vladivostok, declared a state of emergency.

    ECONOMIST: The Kremlin versus the outpost

  • Xinhua said she and three other workers were sent to a hospital in the nearby provincial capital of Changchun.

    NPR: Fire Kills 119 At Poultry Plant In Northeast China

  • Brazil's foreign-affairs ministry plans to open a consulate in the nearby provincial capital, Guangzhou, this year so that it can serve its citizens better.

    ECONOMIST: Brazilians in China

  • It takes just a half-hour to fly to Bamiyan's provincial capital from Kabul, but to drive you bounce for at least eight hours on a bone-jarring dirt track.

    NPR: With Vote Looming, Afghans Look for Progress

  • In Chengdu, the provincial capital, on May 21st a police car shadowed about 100 unofficial relief workers who marched through the streets after dark, carrying candles and chanting patriotic slogans.

    ECONOMIST: The earthquake in Sichuan

  • Last November, several hundred thousand people took to the streets of the provincial capital, Banda Aceh, to demand a vote.

    ECONOMIST: Indonesia

  • In February 1999 the office that was in charge of compiling and pursuing the investigation of Avtovaz--the MVD headquarters in the provincial capital of Samara--was destroyed by a huge fire.

    FORBES: The Rise Of An Oligarch

  • She was tortured with a hot iron rod, bound, doused in gasoline, then set alight on a pile of car tires and trash in the Western Highlands provincial capital of Mount Hagen, national police spokesman Dominic Kakas said.

    NPR: Accused Witch Burned Alive In Papua New Guinea

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