• Intimidation, bullying, inflation, power outages, food shortages, deterioration of the middle class, a war against the private sector, persecution of opponents, abuse of the judicial power, violation of human rights, and the list is long.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Challenges Continue After Maduro’s Election in Venezuela

  • "We face the prospect of NHS services being placed in the middle of a costly bidding war with private companies, discrete services cherry-picked for profit while the NHS is left to run the more complex and expensive services but with less money, " the Labour peer added.

    BBC: Doctors and nurses

  • The man who reigns over centuries of elitism and grandeur at Covent Garden's Royal Opera House in London wears a plain, unpretentious pair of cuff links that belonged to his grandfather—a hard-working Liverpool docker who went off to war in 1914 as a humble private.

    WSJ: Where True Value Lies

  • What followed was a tug-of-war about what it means to be a private person with a public identity.

    NEWYORKER: The Face of Facebook

  • Hagel also recalled family war history during a private meeting Saturday with Philippines Secretary of National Defense Voltaire Gazmin.

    NPR: Hagel Mixes Business And Memories In Asia Trip

  • The video, posted on August 16, has been watched more than 121, 000 times, according to YouTube, hinting at the allure of jihad in a war constantly broadcast on both private and state-run Arabic satellite channels.

    MSN: Saudi steers citizens away from Syrian "jihad"

  • In March 2003, while we were berthing in a private yacht club in Venice, the Iraq war began.

    WSJ: Best Places to Retire: How to Retire to the Open Sea

  • Mr Clegg is the only senior politician to voice the legitimate doubts about Afghanistan that others routinely air in private—a service that even supporters of the war ought to welcome.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • Such was the raison d'etre for Project Grey Goose, a private sector initiative aimed at determining whether the cyber war conducted against Internet infrastructure in the Republic of Georgia was a product of Russian government intervention or initiated by patriotic hackers on their behalf.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Private security companies now play a big role in this war.

    ECONOMIST: Afghanistan

  • Private contractors have become a vital element of the Iraq war as the military becomes increasingly dependent on them to perform operations traditionally provided by the armed forces--such as running mess halls, escorting officials to the airport and providing basic security on the streets.

    FORBES: Winning The War

  • The BBC Scotland programme Britain's Private War asked the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for a response to the documentary.

    BBC: In full: Foreign Office response

  • Not only did it feed into cultural attitudes toward criminality, it put billions of dollars into the hands of various law enforcement agencies, prisons (both private and public) and other groups to wage a violent war against drug dealers, producers, and users.

    FORBES: The Failure of the American Prison System is a Failure of Justice

  • The relationship between social welfare spending and net private domestic investment since the end of World War II tells a troublesome tale.

    FORBES: Memo To The President: We Can't Tax, Spend And Print Our Way To Prosperity

  • But war is bigger than any one man or woman, whether a private, a general, or a president.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama's Statement on General McChrystal and Afghanistan | The White House

  • He urged the Iraqis to defend their religion, country and holy sites, said that the aggression is a personal vendetta and an evil on a sacred land, and called on people not to squander private property during the war.

    CNN: Saddam urges battle for every road

  • Where after the war Attlee established the case for the NHS, state education and a welfare state, Thatcher, after the industrial wars of the 70s and the Cold War, won the arguments for a market-based economy, the private ownership of key industries and services, limits on trade union power and a strong defence policy based on the Atlantic Alliance.

    BBC: Are we all Thatcherites now?

  • The initial plan foresaw building a stately airport that would be financed by private investors and replace the city's two Cold War airports — Tegel in former West Berlin and Schoenefeld in what was the communist east.

    NPR: Berlin's Airport Project Delays Shame Germans

  • They are using SLORC as their private army because they jointly are attempting to seize for the pipeline territory that has been a war zone for a half-century.


  • Under Secretary of Defense Douglas Feith's announcement Wednesday that he would return to private life brings to a close four distinguished, but grueling, years at the forefront of the War on Terror.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Profile in courage: Douglas J. Feith

  • The report refers to findings over the past decade of misspent money, corruption and contracting abuses, and serves as a reminder that Washington has pursued only modest changes in oversight of its increasing reliance on private contractors in overseas war zones.

    WSJ: U.S. Is Hit on Iraq, Afghan Outlays

  • In the popular World War II cartoon strip The Sad Sack, the character was a naive, confused, lazy, bumbling private, but happy enough and almost lovable.

    CNN: Private Ryan was a hero, but there were bums, too

  • The move avoids (or at least puts off) a civil war at the Georgia High School Association, from which schools threatened to secede over the issue of perceived private school member aggression against public school members.

    FORBES: Class Warfare Heats Up In High School Sports

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