• 因为管道钢制大多数溶解下来离子属于离子

    Because the pipes are steel, most of the ions are iron.


  • 遗憾的是,这种离子交换技术所捕获的非放射性离子放射性离子还多得多。

    Unfortunately, the ion-exchange technique traps many more non-radioactive iron ions than radioactive cobalt ones.


  • 无论一个数字是否就元素周期表附近实验人员都将会尝试通过离子轰击制造120号元素

    To see whether the next magic number is nearby in the periodic table, the experimenters will now try to produce element 120 by bombarding a plutonium target with a beam of iron ions.


  • 此外的使命结束,高中的离子会以氧化的形式沉淀,过滤后就是洁净了。

    Moreover, once it has done its job, the iron in ferrates precipitates too, as iron oxide, leaving pure water behind.


  • 为了克服一难题SellergrenNarasimhan两位博士已经开发出聚合物专门捆绑离子不会铁离子发生置换。

    To overcome that problem Drs Sellergren and Narasimhan have developed a polymer that binds to cobalt while ignoring iron.


  • 颗粒氧化温度划分较低温度主要离子扩散较高温度离子扩散扩散能力增强

    Oxidation of magnetite grains is divided into tow stages, according to temperature, and iron ion diffuses at lower temperature and diffusion amount of oxygenic ion increases at higher temperature.


  • 氯化溶液不断地冲刷不锈钢表面溶液中的三价离子快速氧化不锈钢不锈钢就被蚀刻下去

    Ferric chloride solution constantly scouring the surface of stainless steel plate, the solution of ferric ion rapidly oxidized stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate was etched on the go.


  • 上述实验条件下还原处理废水用电石渣进一步处理使得废水中的离子产生作用,最终废水氯仿四氯化碳去除率达到60~95%。

    Under the above test condition the treated wastewater is disposed of by carbide slag that can react with iron ion by flocculation and remove rate of CF and CT in wastewater can reach 60% to 95%.


  • 采用固定化单宁中可能存在营养成分蛋白质氨基酸糖类有机酸乙醇离子进行吸咐试验

    Tests for the adsorption of proteins, amino acids, sugars, organic acids, ethanol and iron ions in wine with immobilized tannins were carried out.


  • 普通系统溶解离子污染超滤导致清洗超滤效果不好,甚至更换超滤元件。

    Mild steel in this system will dissolve and contaminate the membranes with iron, resulting in reduced efficiency even after cleaning and therefore should not be used.


  • 本文通过比较分析提出一种新的测定离子浓度容量分析方法

    A new method for determining the concentration of ferric ion with capacity analysis has studied in the paper.


  • 本文研究坚硬性脆致密火山岩铀矿石堆浸过程中高离子淋滤方式影响

    The effects of high iron ion and spraying patterns were studied on the heap leaching of the hard, brittle and compact volcanic rock type uranium ore.


  • 低能离子注入烟草叶片,过氧化物POD)同工表达谱带发生了明显变化

    Peroxidese (POD) isozyme content and zymogram changed remarkably during the sterile culture after low energy iron ion-beam was implanted into tobacco leaves.


  • ROSRNS证明PTE实验性动物模型——离子注射到大鼠脑诱发癫痫机制起作用。

    ROS and RNS have been demonstrated to be involved in the mechanism of seizures induced by iron ions in the rat brain in an experimental animal model for PTE.


  • 如果离子含量,就要医生确定是否通过调整饮食服用铁离子补剂来校正不足

    If iron levels are low, talk with a physician to see if the deficiency should be corrected by modifying your diet or by taking supplements.


  • 漆膜存在离子就成了开始生锈诱因

    The presence of the iron ion in the film provides a readily available site for rust to start.


  • 有机原因沉积盆地活性离子较少有关

    The reasons of such high organic sulphur content was related to less active iron ion in sedimentary basin.


  • 第二反应器中三价铁离子溶液矿石

    In the second reactor, the ferric solution leaches the ore.


  • 对照组大鼠给予相同手术操作导入离子

    The control group was treated by same operation, but no ion introduction.


  • 清除炊具中所含铁离子造成使用花岗石专用除锈剂

    Remove from water, cooking utensils contained in the iron caused by rust, you can use granite dedicated rust agent.


  • 支撑层两个分子中间一个离子构成的复合物。

    The pillars are made of two flat molecules with an iron ion in-between.


  • 根据室内试验表明离子浓度愈硫化氧化速度,发生火灾可能性越大

    The indoor test result of ore samples has shown that the higher the content of iron ions, the faster the speed of sulfide mineral oxidate and the greater the possibility of fire hazard exists.


  • 离子可能参与氧化沉淀过程温度对此过程也有影响

    Iron ions maybe participate in oxidizing sedimentation, which was affected by temperature.


  • 白砂糖中酚类离子氨基酸还原糖含量白砂糖着色重要影响因素

    It is pointed out that the contents of the phenolic material, iron ion, amino acid as well as the reducing sugar within the white sugar are the important effect factors of the color increasing.


  • 探讨白砂糖类物、氨基态氮离子白砂糖影响

    The effects of the contents of polyphenol amino nitrogen, iron ion within the white granulated sugar on the color increasing were studied in this paper.


  • 酸化作业中,离子二次沉淀造成地层伤害一个潜在问题含量过高出现一系列连锁反应恶性循环

    Formation damage caused by secondary precipitation of ferric ion is a potential problem in acidizing and excessive iron level would bring a series of chain reaction and vicious cycle.


  • 体系具有控制离子能力强表面张力低等特点

    The system has feature of high emulsion breaking, high control of ferric ion, low surface tension and so on.


  • 因此,在啤酒降低离子含量降低其对啤酒质量造成影响。

    So it is very important to decrease the amount of iron ions in the beer.


  • 目的研究离子离子癌形成中的作用

    Objective:To study the role of copper and iron ion in carcinogenesis.


  • 血红蛋白血红蛋白氧化形式离子离子不能携带

    Methemoglobin — the oxidized form of hemoglobin, containing iron in the ferric rather than the ferrous state, that is incapable of binding oxygen.


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