• 所有刊登广告企业2010年10月15日前菲林设计稿组委会

    Note: All of the companies advertising should submit the film or design draft to the Organizing Committee on Oct 15th, 2010.


  • PixelPerfect可以网页设计稿覆盖在一起组成一个网页方便精确编写CSSHTML

    Pixel Perfect allows you to overlay web layouts and other design compositions onto a web page so that you can accurately (and easily) write your CSS and HTML.


  • 的确邬达克难办:如何多变建筑风格融入一个平时工作会晤修订设计稿房子中去

    It must have been really hard for Hudec to crystallize his various styles into the design of just one building where he intended to work, to meet with clients and devise and revise blueprints.


  • 根据设计稿设计方案进行制版印刷干燥烤制然后进行包装

    For a film, plate making, printing, drying, baking according to design artwork, and then packing.


  • 这个教程目的在于展示如何使用一些相关图片,以及设计稿想法副作品。

    The idea of this tutorial is to show how to create a design from multiple reference images, a simple sketch, and your own ingenuity.


  • 现在需要很多时间店里因为这么现成设计稿

    Now, she says she doesn't need to put as much time into her shop because she has such a large inventory of designs.


  • 摩尔作为委托人泰特美术馆贡献了雕塑画作设计稿以及其他作品

    Moore donated major sculptures, drawings, maquettes and other works to the Tate, of which he was a trustee.


  • 这个含糊指示下,艺术家们为了确定格里弗斯将军外貌进行许多探索有些设计稿机械体的,有些则是半机械体。

    From that vague direction, the artists developed a lot of explorations, some purely mechanical, some not, for the look of General Grievous.


  • 方案确认后客户最终设计稿上签字确认结清设计项目余款卓奥交付最终设计电子文件版权转移

    Program confirmed, customers sign the final draft design confirmed that the outstanding balance of design, final design Cho electronic document delivery and transfer of copyright books.


  • 牢记最初概念设计稿下面教程将会一步一步明确这个过程

    Bear in mind that during the original creating of the concept, the process was much less clear cut that the following tutorial steps.


  • 设有动画设计镜头设计稿卡通漫画三维动画专业方向

    Set animation design, layout design, cartoon, 3D animation and other professional direction.


  • 伦敦一家定制服装网站StyleShake开张三个收到2万5千份婚纱设计稿

    StyleShake, a custom-clothing site in London, received 25, 000 dress designs in its first three months.


  • 可以5个设计稿免费打样

    I can also provide 5 designing layout drafted by myself. I can provide samples for free.


  • 我们一开始就手绘出了设计稿后面3D制作更加流畅,同时我们发现满意地方时候可以及早进行修改

    We drew our concept art first, as it was then convenient for the following 3D work. We could also modify it quickly if we were unhappy with any of the original concept.


  • 时尚制品设计制作流程为,主题设计、载物(功用)设计设计表现稿,根据设计稿选择购买布料、再设计、裁剪落料、依托多功能(线迹)缝纫机制作成品

    The general process of designing fashion cloth products is to determine the design theme and the object , to draw a draft, to purchase the clothes and to finish the products finally.


  • 如果曾经电话设计保护套可以传到Thingiverse,这样任何一个3D打印机可以下载打印设计稿

    If you’ve designed a protective case for your phone, you can upload it to Thingiverse and anyone with a 3D printer can download and print it out.


  • 设计稿施工图一步完美跟进项目每个细节完美呈现。

    YANG DESIGN follow every step from design layout to production drawing, to make the project finished perfect.


  • 高光设计的时候,设计稿放大以上是个办法因为原始比例显示的时候,可能都没法弄清自己在捣鼓些什么

    A good trick for adding highlights is to work at 200% or more, because at 100% it can be hard to see what you’re doing clearly.


  • 设计稿完成后总公司也会派遣资深设计专程客户稿,当场修改、当场稿、当场签字最后成品由上海办事处人员专程客户府上。

    After the contract is signed, head office will send professional photographer to take picture for local corporations, senior designer will make and check the documents with client.


  • 然后浏览器里面测试下啦~如果没写错的话那么设计稿效果是一样的~说明CSS彪悍的将ps设计稿里面背景颜色边框效果给实现

    Testing this in the browser then shows this styling for real, showing how the use of CSS background color and border can recreate the original effect from Photoshop.


  • 设计成果包括报名表、艺术创作说明设计稿电子文档雕塑稿部分

    Design outcomes consist of four parts, namely the registration form, the design description, the electronic document of the design drawing, and the sculpture sample.


  • 影象作为造型艺术元素之一图形创造和创稿设计中起着重要作用

    Being one of the elements of plastic arts, image plays an important role in both figure creation and manuscript design.


  • 传统绣花CAD中,稿设计需要花费大量专业人员使得设计周期长效率跟不上市场和生产需要。

    In traditional Embroidery CAD Systems, the professionals shall spend a mass of time on embroidery drafts designing, so that it has low efficiency and can't adapt to production.


  • 传统绣花CAD中,稿设计需要花费大量专业人员使得设计周期长效率跟不上市场和生产需要。

    In traditional Embroidery CAD Systems, the professionals shall spend a mass of time on embroidery drafts designing, so that it has low efficiency and can't adapt to production.


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