• 本田汽配几周来事件看似证实这种评价

    That assessment appears to have been borne out of the events at the Honda parts factory in recent weeks as well.


  • 公司行政员生井, 事发三天,加藤汽配发脾气.

    Three days before the attack, Kato lost his temper at the auto parts factory, company executive Osamu Namai said.


  • 藤井隆行拒绝详细说明,对汽配其他几个工人开除报道,他置评

    Fujii declined to elaborate and would not comment on reports that a score of other workers at the parts plant have been fired.


  • 2009 年四月份我们就像行走死亡。”WinzelerGear总裁约翰•温茨勒,该公司主要生产门锁腰椎支架以及无数汽配上的小型塑料齿轮

    We were in the valley of death in April of 2009, ” says John Winzeler, president of Winzeler Gear, whose small plastic gears go into door latches, lumbar supports and countless car parts.


  • 广州市汽车配件市场嘉宾汽配经营部一家汽摩配件企业国家相关部门批准注册企业

    Guangzhou Yuan hillock auto parts market participant to operate the Department of auto parts is a motorcycle and accessories company, is registered by the relevant state departments of enterprises.


  • 系列产品,服务汽车轴承活塞环压缩机汽配行业

    This series of products are applied in automobile, bearing, piston ring, compressor and auto-fitting industries.


  • 我们专业工厂,公司1995年成立以来汽配行业生产超过16

    We are a professional manufacturer, since established 1995, we have produced auto parts for more than 16 years.


  • 以诚信服务化经营理念汽配专业市场服务典范

    Integrity services business philosophy, the professional market service auto model tree.


  • 聚四氟乙烯内衬直管,套管弯头,三通,四通,大小筒体压机-制氧机-活塞环密封圈汽配

    Teflon - lined pipe, casing, elbow, the three exchanges or four, size head, cylinder, air compressor - oxygen - ring, gasket seal ring and auto parts.


  • 中国世界发展迅猛汽车零配件市场经济危机阴霭逐步散去中国汽配市场迎来新的发展机遇

    China is the market of auto parts that develops the fastest, with the clouds of economic crisis going away, the china market of auto parts will occur new opportunities.


  • 现代化伍福国际汽配座落白云区338号地理环境优越市中心人文商贸区域

    The modernization of the "Wu Fu International Auto City" is located in Baiyun District Shek hew road 338, the geographical environment is superior, the downtown business area of humanities.


  • 公司主要生产阀门汽配海钓鱼具

    My company mainly produces auto parts sea fishing with valves.


  • 设计专用测量汽配零件偏心距使复杂的操作程序简单化提高测量效率测量精度

    A special gauge for measuring eccentricity of automotive accessory is designed to make the operation program become simple and increase the measuring efficiency and precision.


  • 街上专营汽配商店不下10家

    There are no less than 10 automotive parts shops in the street.


  • 国内汽配行业发展迅速,给业务发展销售管理提出新的要求

    The fast development of domestic auto part trade has put some new requirements on the sales and marketing management.


  • 此后市场竞争,亿集中高端汽配市场技术研发产品品质核心

    In the further competition in the market, Yimao Filter Media would focus on high-end auto market, with the core of technology development and product quality.


  • 中国世界发展迅猛汽车零配件市场经济危机逐步散去,中国汽配市场迎来新的发展机遇

    China is the world's fastest growing auto parts market, with the dissipation of the haze of the economic crisis, the Chinese auto market will usher in a new development opportunities.


  • 箭冠企业一家专业研发生产销售汽车滤清器综合性汽配企业

    Arrow is a comprehensive auto fittings enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales of auto parts filters, wiper blade, etc.


  • 九是政策支持汽配行业列为我国汽车服务时代重点行业

    Nine policy support, the auto parts industry has been listed as the key industries of the country after the era of car service.


  • 汽配企业进行制造业信息化建设不仅仅起简单的辅助作用而是保证企业未来生存发展必由之路

    Promoting the manufacturing industry informatization of automobile parts enterprises not only has an auxiliary effect, but also is the only way to existence and development for the enterprises.


  • 主要产品法兰盘楼梯接头小型皮带轮等,广泛应用装修摩配汽配各行各业

    The main products are flange, staircases joints, small pulley, widely used for decoration, Mopei, auto parts, and other businesses.


  • 相比其他许多行业处在刚刚开始使用的阶段,但是企业采用电脑管理业务诸多环节己经成为汽配企业必然趋势

    Compared to other industries, it is at start line, but computer management of business enterprises has become an inevitable trend of auto parts enterprises.


  • 大部分沿海地区一样玉环县近年崛起一批具有巨大活力特色产业块状经济汽配阀门家具等

    As with most coastal areas, Yuhuan County, the rise in recent years, a number of great economic vitality of the characteristics of industrial block, such as auto parts, valves, and furniture.


  • 用于清洗机械设备发动机缸体汽配零件塑料玻璃制品表面油污工装油污清洗

    Can also be used for cleaning machinery and equipment, engine block, auto parts, plastic products, such as glass surface oil and oil cleaning equipment.


  • 宁波市北仑汽配有限公司位于现代化工业化港口城市宁波北仑压铸汽配园区

    Ningbo Auto Parts Co. , Ltd. is located in the north Lunhai Pu modern industrial port city - Ningbo Beilun casting Auto Park.


  • 项目中国?万安集团投资开发新建,地处诸暨市工业经济五金汽配发达店口

    This project is developed by China VIE Group and located in Diankou Townthe most developed town for metalware and auto accessories.


  • 主要从事汽配压缩机多种机械类加工有着良好信誉以往客户友好关系

    Mainly engaged in auto parts, compressors and other processing machinery has a good reputation and past client relationship.


  • 广州伍福国际汽配占地面积196建筑面积16万平方米商铺1600间。

    Guangzhou Wu Fu International Auto City, covers an area of 196 mu, building area of 160000 square meters, more than 1600 shops.


  • 2005年路神公司再次跨出了有力一步,路神公司杭州恒生电子集团公司携手共同开拓汽配业务

    In 2005, Road-All Trade Co. , Ltd made the corporation with Hangzhou Hundsun Electronics Co. , Ltd. to develop the business in the fields of automotive parts and accessories.


  • 2005年路神公司再次跨出了有力一步,路神公司杭州恒生电子集团公司携手共同开拓汽配业务

    In 2005, Road-All Trade Co. , Ltd made the corporation with Hangzhou Hundsun Electronics Co. , Ltd. to develop the business in the fields of automotive parts and accessories.


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