• 说:“我们需要发现新的新的生产方法植物细胞壁转化可以转化乙醇单糖。”

    "We need to discover new enzymes, new processes, to convert plant cell walls into simple sugars that can be converted into ethanol," he said.


  • Mirobiogen使用硫酸打破植物细胞壁另一个组成部分称为纤维素复杂复合物,纤维素捆绑在一起

    Microbiogen USES dilute sulphuric acid to break down another component of the plant cell wall: a complex polymer called hemicellulose, which binds cellulose microfibres together.


  • 一般来说真菌转基因目标加固植物细胞壁产生真菌蛋白直接间接抑制真菌生长

    Generally the transgenes for fungal resistance are targeted towards reinforcement of plant cell walls or inhibiting the growth of fungal pathogens by producing antifungal proteins.


  • 这个办法植物所有废弃物都转化燃料尤其是植物细胞壁组成物质,纤维素

    The idea is to take the whole biomass of the plant (particularly the cellulose of which a plant-cell's walls are made) and turn it into fuel.


  • 植物细胞壁主要木质素纤维素组成未来生物燃料生产富有生物物质来源

    Plant cell wall is mainly composed of lignins and polysaccharides, representing the richest source of biomass for future biofuel production.


  • 纤维素植物细胞壁主要组成成分而且多数作物富含纤维素部分家畜食用

    Cellulose is the main component of plants' cell walls, and you find most cellulose in those parts of plants that are not eaten by animals.


  • 纸张重量90%来自纤维素构成植物细胞壁坚固材料

    About 90 percent of the weight of old paper is cellulose, the sturdy material that makes up plant cell walls.


  • 果胶一种无毒天然食品添加剂植物细胞壁重要组成成份自然界中广泛存在

    Pectin is a natural non-toxic food additive. As an important component of plant cell wall, it is widely existed in nature.


  • 由于壳聚糖分子结构植物细胞壁结构相似因而作为新型植物生长调节剂作物上应用具有重要意义

    Because the molecular structure of chitosan is similar with the structure of cell wall, it has great significance to be applied in plants as a new plant growth regulator.


  • 纤维素植物细胞壁主要成分

    Cellulose is the major constituent of plant cell walls.


  • 角化作用(角质化):角质陆续侵渗植物细胞壁过程。

    Cutinization the impregnation of a plant cell wall with cutin.


  • PlantProbes提供针对植物细胞壁成分单克隆抗体分子探针配送服务利兹大学得保罗·诺克斯细胞壁实验室进行生产。

    PlantProbes is a distribution service for monoclonal antibodies and molecular probes directed to plant cell wall components generated by the Paul Knox cell wall Lab at the University of Leeds.


  • 果胶多糖植物细胞壁多糖类家族结构最为复杂的一具有优良乳化性及多种生理功效

    Pectin is the most complicated polysaccharides in all plant primary cell walls. It has good gel forming and emulsion ability.


  • 来源于真菌植物细胞壁激发子可以诱导植物抗性反应

    Elicitors, derived from cell wall of fungi or plants, can induce a line of defense responses in plants.


  • 丹尼尔发明方法优越之处在纤维素组成植物细胞壁可以口服初始阶段防止胰岛素降解

    Daniel approaches the strength of the invention is formed from the cellulose plant cell walls may prevent the initial stage after oral administration of insulin was degraded.


  • 甲壳素纤维甲壳素甲壳质、几质、蛋白是从甲壳动物外壳真菌藻类低等植物细胞壁中提取一种正电荷动物纤维素

    Chitin fiber: chitin, also known as chitin, chitin, shell protein from crustacean shells and fungi, algae and other lower plants of the cell wall extract of a positively charged cellulose animals.


  • 膳食纤维一般不易消化食物营养素主要来自植物细胞壁包含纤维素、半纤维素树脂果胶木质素

    Dietary fiber is generally not be digested food nutrients, mainly comes from the plant cell, including hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin pectin and resin, etc.


  • 植物体内主要积累根部植物细胞壁化学变化金属元素植物体内蓄积行为密切关系

    Chromium mainly accumulates in root in plants, and the change in compounds of the root cell wall have a close relation with the Cr accumulation.


  • 植物自身细胞壁蛋白活性出发来研究木质纤维素,为研究其机制高效解方法提供了新思路。

    The main cell wall proteins of plant and the potential effects on enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulose are reviewed.


  • 生活植物细胞壁降解过程中起重要作用(叶子脱落) 。

    It is important in the deg radation of plant cell walls in living plants ( e. g . in leaf abscission )


  • 胞外蛋白酶通过参与营养竞争协同降解植物病原菌细胞壁根结线虫体壁多种途径参与木霉生物防治

    Proteases participate in the biocontrol processes through a synergistic mechanism involving competition for nutrition, degradation of the cell wall of phytopathogens and nematode cuticles, etc.


  • 煮食时使植物的厚厚的细胞壁分离,释放我们身体所需东西。

    Cooking also breaks down the thick cell walls of plants, releasing the contents for the body to use.


  • 因此细胞壁不再种环绕植物细胞惰性结构,比起细胞壁植物细胞外基质名词反映出动力学特性

    Therefore, cell wall is no longer an inert structure enclosing cell, but an alternative term "extracellular matrix" is preferable to indicate their dynamic property.


  • 来源于植物及其病原体细胞壁聚糖,作为激发诱导植物细胞发生抗性反应

    Oligosaccharides, originated from the cell wall of plants and pathogen, can induce defense responses as elicitors in plant cells.


  • 植物方面,过去几十一些研究表明一些纳米粒子确实能够破坏植物细胞周围坚固细胞壁

    In the case of plants, a few studies over the past decade have suggested that some nanoparticles can, indeed, breach the rigid walls that surround plant cells.


  • 个别主题包括光合作用呼吸作用同化作用脂质代谢细胞壁形成植物荷尔蒙代谢物合成

    Individual topics include photosynthesis, respiration, nitrogen assimilation, lipid metabolism, cell wall formation, and biosynthesis of plant hormones and secondary metabolites.


  • 个别主题包括光合作用呼吸作用同化作用脂质代谢细胞壁形成植物荷尔蒙代谢物合成

    Individual topics include photosynthesis, respiration, nitrogen assimilation, lipid metabolism, cell wall formation, and biosynthesis of plant hormones and secondary metabolites.


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