• 我们开始假设我们,未知固体

    So let's try, let's imagine we have 10 grams of unknown solid.


  • 政府平局每个美国进食

    The government says the average American man eats ten grams of salt a day.


  • ,到了第可以了,到第二可以了。

    Well, at the end of ten days you would have taken a centigramme, at the end of twenty days, increasing another milligramme , you would have taken three hundred centigrammes;


  • 妇女每日摄取三公以上黄豆发生骨折风险每日仅摄取妇女减少三成五。

    Women who ate more than 13 grams of soy per day had a 35% lower risk of fracture than those who ate less than 5 grams per day.


  • 仍然沉默着目不转睛注视着瑞分钟之久。“真的确定这么的?”怀疑问道

    Max remained in silence and looked at him without blinking for like 10 minutes. "Are you really sure that was what you said to her?" asked Max in disbelief.


  • 根据加州大学分校教授约翰·库比亚托维兹所说,下载电子书阅览器与阅览器相比,差距仅有1微微微,也就是10-18八次方)。

    According to John Kubiatowicz, from the University of California, Berkeley, the difference between an empty e-reader and a full one is just one attogram, or 10-18 of a gram.


  • 汽车上面照片是从死亡索尼40x的CD -ROM重量改造六点一

    The motor in the above photo is from a dead Sony 40x CD-Rom. the total weight after the modification is 16.1g.


  • 布伦斯威只有英里了,只有五英里了。

    Then Brunswick was 10 miles, and then five.


  • 只四盎司烤鸡含有二六五热量五点四公脂肪相较之下同样份量牛排含有高达三八九热量脂肪

    A 4-ounce roasted chicken leg contains 26. 5 calories and 15.4 grams of fat, compared to as much as 38. 9. calories and 30 grams of fat for an equal portion of steak.


  • 年前绍斯塔位于苏黎世瑞士联邦学院皮尔·路易吉·路易西,通过共同撰写论文解决争端

    Ten years ago Szostak and Pier Luigi Luisi, then at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, settled an argument by writing a paper together.


  • 庞培到了埃及希望能够得到年轻法老托勒密三世与其娄巴特拉伊丽莎白泰勒 饰)帮助。

    Pompey flees to Egypt, hoping to enlist the support of the young Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII and his sister Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor).


  • 特里-玛丽英里处的站出发更快火车可以他们稍多于两个小时到达伦敦帕丁顿(Paddington)。

    Faster trains from Exeter station, ten miles from Ottery St. Mary, could get them to London Paddington in just over two hours.


  • 已经扩展成了7家店面;今年家乡——维尼亚诺福地区ElPollo Loco茶餐厅一家。

    She has since expanded to seven restaurants; this year, she will open the first of ten El Pollo Loco restaurants in the Norfolk area of her home state, Virginia.


  • 后,用坐落蒙那亚山上的天文台米级望远镜哈勃太空望远镜以及其他的大孔径望远镜可以证认候选体特性。

    The three-week delay guaranteed that he could confirm and characterize the candidates at the 10-m telescope at the Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea, the HST, or another powerful telescope.


  • 今年10月初数千西撒哈拉人聚集加大则(离欧云分钟车程)并支起了8000多个帐篷

    Since early October thousands of Sahrawis have gathered at Gadaym Izik, ten minutes' drive outside the city, where they have pitched some 8, 000 tents.


  • 数字传媒咨询公司DiffusionGroup柯林·,“有过去基础,今年互动电视广告关键。”

    "It's been the year of interactive television advertising for the last ten or twelve years," says Colin Dixon of Diffusion Group, a digital-media consultancy.


  • 一首排名前四流行歌曲后,平塔告诉听众们说:“大都会爱迪生公司核电站发生一般性突发事件。”

    Following a top-40 pop song, Pintek announced, "There is a general emergency at Metropolitan Edison Company's Three Mile Island nuclear power plant."


  • 前任还有儿子本和岁的·也育有四岁瑞斯。

    Mark has two other boys, ten-year-old Ben and seven-year-old Zac, from a previous relationship, while Glenn had one son, Reece, who's 14.


  • 过去36贝拉·奥巴马只有岁的时候起,希拉里·林顿已经德州一位常规到访者

    FOR the past 36 years, since Barack Obama was ten, Hillary Clinton has been a regular visitor to Texas.


  • 天后德尔能用制作拐杖地行走了。

    Ten days later Bedell was hobbling on a pair of crutches that Dick had made for him.


  • 起来应当知道住址也许会发生什么事,谁也知道那个古费拉的朋友家里,玻璃厂街六号

    Now that I think of it, you ought to know my address: something might happen, one never knows; I live with that friend named Courfeyrac, Rue DE la Verrerie, no. 16.


  • 先生研究了2006年前年间3000只猴子(比如猕猴)在实验中的使用情况。

    Sir Patrick examined experiments on some 3,000 monkeys such as the macaque (pictured) that were conducted over the decade to 2006.


  • 马萨瓦家经营潜水商店全套潜水装备出租还有船只可载前往达拉群岛,周围200多个岛屿几个沉船遗址

    There are a few dive shops in Massawa with rentable gear and boats to take you to the Dahlak Archipelago, which includes more than 200 islands and dozens of wrecks.


  • 来自几个欧洲国家资料显示流感13%H1N1病毒无效,H 1 N 1病毒导致今年疫病源头。

    Data from more than a dozen European countries show that Tamiflu doesn't work in about 13 percent of H1N1 viruses, the main flu strain causing illness this year.


  • 来自几个欧洲国家资料显示流感13%H1N1病毒无效,H 1 N 1病毒导致今年疫病源头。

    Data from more than a dozen European countries show that Tamiflu doesn't work in about 13 percent of H1N1 viruses, the main flu strain causing illness this year.


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