• 还有什么其他动画短片工作

    What other animated shorts have you worked on?


  • 告诉我们关于视觉动画短片X射线

    Could you tell us about your animated short X-Ray Vision?


  • 最佳动画短片彼得英国人和波兰人的作品。

    The best animated short, "Peter & the Wolf," was British and Polish.


  • 汤姆杰瑞首次亮相猫咪解雇》一片。该片对合作伙伴赢得了1940奥斯卡最佳动画短片提名

    Tom and Jerry's first appearance, in Puss Gets the Boot, won the pair an Academy Award nomination for best cartoon short in 1940.


  • 一个名为”的短片启发吉尼斯机会自己停止动画短片电影导演

    Inspired by the short film called "Hands", Guinness gives you the chance to be your own stop-frame animation short film director.


  • 研究人员给一部分钟动画短片做了四个版本每个孩子只给观看其中一个版本然后一个问卷调查

    Each child was shown one of four versions of a five-minute animated short created for the study, and then led them through a questionnaire.


  • 当作透过浏览器不知情大众强行送上可爱动画短片视频剪辑奇怪游戏手段。

    It began as a way to bludgeon the unwary with lovely little animation shorts, video clips, and the odd game, all from within the browser.


  • 如今虽然动画颇为盛行年代但是动画短片历久弥新一直注入新鲜活力顽强生命力

    Now although is animated feature films rather popular age, but animation film, have always been griselda inject fresh vitality and tenacious vitality.


  • 动画短片30分钟以内动画作品只有分钟甚至1分钟左右

    Animated short refers to within 30 minutes of the animation works, short only a few minutes or even 1 minutes.


  • 颁奖一些重要奖项——其中艺术指导化妆服装设计动画短片美国以外的电影制作人设计师们拿走了。

    Many of the evening's lower-profile awards -- for art direction, makeup, costume design and animated short among them -- went to non-American filmmakers and designers.


  • 他们第一次合作获奖作品《护卫全球联手》,这部作品根据普林奥斯卡最佳动画短片提名作品《盲犬》改编,全球75名动画师齐力制作。

    Their first collaboration is the award-winning "Guard Dog Global Jam", created by 75 animators around the world based on Plympton's "Guard Dog" which was Oscar-nominated for the best animated short.


  • 冯欣如果更多了解两会如何运行我们制作了一个动画短片解答一些常见问题

    Feng Xin: If you want to know more about how the two sessions function, we made a short animated video answering some of the most frequently asked questions.


  • 其他奖项包括动画短片纪录片纪录短片

    Other award categories include animated short subject, documentary feature, and documentary short feature.


  • 单纯符号语言幽默表达方式欧洲独立动画短片艺术魅力之所在。

    Simple sign language and humorous expressing method are the carriers of artistic effects in independent cartoons.


  • 学生们独立制作动画短片,此外还要完成部会达特茅斯动画上映的完整的长篇项目

    Working individually, students will complete four short exercises as well as one extended final project that will be shown at the Dartmouth Animation Festival.


  • 每个动画短片不仅给东非展示短片本身机会,也播了其他一些孩子视野触及世界其他地方电影

    Each short animation offers a chance for East Africa to exhibit itself along with some of the other films which open children's eyes up to other parts of the world.

  • 中国动画短片意境西方对比

    Make the contrast the chinese animation short film artistic conception and west artistic conception.


  • 按照皮克斯电影的老例,《屋周游记》之前风雅的动画短片出现。

    As always, a Pixar movie is preceded with one or more animated shorts.


  • 在这些便士拱廊人们只人投入便士看到投影屏幕上动画短片

    Nickel arcades came along soon where you paid a nickel to enjoy a short moving picture projected onto a screen.


  • 一部关于奇异动画短片--这种不会,但他们一辈子都想要实现

    " is an animation about a Kiwi - a type of bird that cannot fly, who spends its whole life working towards achieving his dream.


  • 于是制作一个动画短片显示流量数据

    His research subject proved difficult to convey to an audience at conferences, so Heras made short animated films of his flow-pattern data.


  • 一部实验动画短片表现潜意识

    Is an experimental animation short film, which showed the human subconscious.


  • 本质上,“美兽”一部动画短片取自马君2006年制作的三部曲作品作品的另外部分分别是“迷失记忆谋杀”。

    Elixir is essentially an animated short film from a trilogy project by Ma'chunfu in 2006, which also include Lost in Remembering and Murder a Face.


  • 克隆人战争》系列动画短片制作初期集体会议上,“卡通频道”的动画师们想把瓦特·绘制反面角色

    In the initial brainstorming sessions for the Clone Wars micro-series, the artists at the Cartoon Network wanted Wat Tambor to figure as a villain.


  • 本文最后以长度大约30水墨画风格动画短片雨天过后呈现出本次实验结果

    At the end of the article a short film in Chinese ink painting style under the name of "After a Rainy Day" will be played for about 30 seconds to show the result of this experiment.

  • 本文最后以长度大约30水墨画风格动画短片雨天过后呈现出本次实验结果

    At the end of the article a short film in Chinese ink painting style under the name of "After a Rainy Day" will be played for about 30 seconds to show the result of this experiment.

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